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Tracked it down upon request:

They use a bunch of screenshots, which from what I can tell come from multiple episodes suggesting that at least one of the reviewers has caught up. The review is a bit more fair in context, the reviewers kinda admit they arn't the intended audience.

"But I'm not the target audience for this thing, and people have the right to want cute girls to talk to them after a hard day at work. Personally, I'd prefer to come home to a hot girl telling me how she's gonna slowly murder me."

From the same guy as the baby waifu quote. Said quote is also ever so slightly less worse in context.

"Okay, I know Helpful Fox Senko-san might look like uncomfortable baby waifu shit, and it kind of is, but it's also less yikes than the studio's WATATEN! and Uzamaid! from the last couple seasons, so I have to give it a pass of some sort"


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