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Why just niche porn and not all porn?

Jeez, people used to put their porn on tumblr and newgrounds for all to view for free. And Patreon used to be a platform for supporting creators you liked while getting early access and physical things and the like. Now it's all "Patreon! Patreon is now just for straight up buying limited access to porn! You want porn? More money please! More money please!" And it never becomes free eventually like the early access.


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I think Pornhub is where you go if you're making normal porn. Good old Main Street USA porn, like Ma and Pa used to make before the jobs were outsourced to China.

Patreon is where artists put up shop, and most of them have realized there is a lot of money in furry porn. Also things like the image above. I don't fault them a bit. Everyone's gotta pay their bills.


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