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It's not unreasonable to imagine a few "getting away" besides Obi Wan and Yoda.

But with the sheer number it has grown to and the fact that the concept has become old hat, they should really just move on.

Granted, that's easier said than done with Disney making it difficult to use star wars as a canvas these days, but you at least still have the PT to work with.

Chris the Lovable Jerk
Chris the Lovable Jerk

Let's be fair, the EU had a ton of surviving Jedi too: Shaak Ti, Quinlan Vos (Lucas even intervened to let him live because he felt the character earned a happy ending), T'raa Saa, Olee Starstone, Chase Piru, Rham Kota, Kazdan Paratus, Ferus Olin, Scout, Jax Pavan, Dass Jennir, etc…

Hell, K'Kruhk literally outlived Luke by centuries simply because the writers wanted to give a little middle finger to Genndy Tartakovsky.


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