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81 Views Created about a month ago By Brandon • Updated about a month ago

Created By Brandon • Updated about a month ago

Fe Pos kabosumama Follow れ AMARE 191 LLROUND フラワー Kaori kabosumama Is it flower kaori's farewell party? It's really crowded right now. We can meet Kapusu-chan until 16:00, so please don't sleep and come by ** Thank you in advance #かぼすちゃんとおさんぽ#かぼすちゃん 3d See original mulitmaaaaa The amount of people showing their support and mourning is astounding. What a legendary dog. Rip doge 3d 860 likes Reply gueroyyc I have a Shiba Inu named Josie. Everywhere we go I always overhear people saying "Look! It's a Doge!" Your Kabosu was truly loved around the world. 3d 145 likes Reply View replies (1) _norby_kun rest in peace kabosu sama you're best boi 3d 1 like Reply View replies (2) nostram8463 We will forever love you, thank you, enjoy your rest goodest girl. 3d 194 likes Reply ownthedoge Sending love 3d 153 likes Reply ઈ


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