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It's a shame really that this had to come from EQD and not the show's members who feel they're being directly attacked when it should be common sense not to pull this crap. But alas such is the internet and the bane of anonymity. Remember kids:

Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

This deserves more upvotes.


Regardless, I think this message carries a strong point that should not only apply to the trolls that tweeted rude responses to Meghan, but towards all accomplishments and events within the fandom.

Whether it was a main character turning into an alicorn or a human or any other change in the show that you don't agree with; there is never a good reason to attack the makers

People are allowed to disagree with changes that Hasbro is making with the show and they are allowed to voice their disapproval. I think hasbro does deserve to be criticized for their decisions. But unless Hasbro burned down a bunch of orphanages, neither they or DHX deserve to be flamed (Note that there is a difference between critique and flaming)

People shouldn't get so overly emotional over changes in a kids show in the first place. If a company trying to sell kids toys makes you draw your torches and pitchforks, then it's time to reevaluate your priorities in life.


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