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16 Views Created 10 years ago By amanda b. • Updated 6 years ago

Created By amanda b. • Updated 6 years ago

Gene Weingarten @geneweingarten Follow I could not make this up. State troopers in Texas Senate are searching bags, confiscating tampons and pads. They fear projectiles. 2:36 PM 12 Jul 2013 100 RETWEETS 16 FAVORITES Andrea Grimes @andreagrimes Follow Confirmed: state troopers are searching all bags and confiscating tampons and pads. #hba #sbi 2:21 PM- 12 Jul 2013 348 RETWEETS 34 FAVORITES Annette Priest @AnnettePriest Follow and sanitary napkins not allowed in Tampons *Texas senate chamber Because you know they don't have anything against women. #SBI


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