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Some Rules

Hello there! Welcome to the #KnowYourMeme IRC, a community-run chatroom where anyone discuss topics or ask questions related to meme research, as well as general issues pertaining to the database. You can join our IRC channel by either clicking through the red button on display or manually joining the channel #knowyourmeme via (irc:// As always, please use your common sense and be respectful of others in the chatroom (i.e., no flooding, no bots, no obscene content), or CONSEQUENCES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Enjoy!

Client Downloads

A list of IRC clients we recommend:

Windows:  Trillian, mIRC, Pidgin
Mac: Colloquy, Pidgin
Linux: Pidgin

Tips & Commands

For more information on, check out the FAQs page or just ask a moderator in the channel. For a comprehensive list of IRC commands, please refer to this page. You can also interact with @Dubtron, the holy spirit of Jamie Dubs, by using a custom set of commands listed on this page.

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