Cuppycake Gumdrops/ The Cuppycake Song

Cuppycake Gumdrops/ The Cuppycake Song

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Cuppycake Gumdrops is a viral video starring actress Amy Castle at age 3, singing a song by Judianna Castle, her mother. The official website of the song is

It as originally uploaded to the internet in 1996, and according to the video notes, there are over 5,700 videos using The Cuppycake Song on YouTube. The above video has over 8,000 comments on it, and more than 9 million views. The video was clearly a viral hit, and it spawned many derivatives.

Cuppycake Sam

One of the most popular versions of the song is of a small boy lip-syncing to the song. As one can see from looking in the bottom right-hand corner of the video, it is clearly reposted from eBaum’s world. The link for that video is here. It has more than 350,000 views and 2,000 comments, and the video was featured on Youtube in October of 2008. His name is Sam, and he has a condition called IGM Nephropathy, a kidney disease which he has had for over six and a half years. He takes a medication which causes swelling all over the body and is bad for the bones. Recently he has created a nonprofit foundation called Kindness for Kids in the state of Alaska which helps children with disabilities. He has written a book called “Opening Hearts” which is available on his website,

Media Appearances

Y T M N D Fad

The original Cuppycake YTMND was one of the first YTMNDs ever created, made by the site’s original owner Max Goldberg. The gif used in the site is a (quoting YTMND wiki) “character from a Japanese children’s book by Hirose Takuro.” Its name is Nekopan, and is commonly referred to as “Kittyloaf”, as it looks like a loaf of bread with eyes, a mouth, and cat-like ears. The site currently has more than one million views (making it 17th most viewed all time), and is in the YTMND Hall of Fame. The site spawned a large amount of imitators, including (but not limited to):

- CUPPYCAKE in reverse
- CUPPYCAKE GUMDROPS will eat your soul!
- Cuppycake, pictographic edition
- Cuppycake Gumdrops: Death Metal Version
- Cuppycake goes home
- |||||||||Cake|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
- Cuppycake Gumdrops: Catloaf crosses into the real world.
- Vader Loves Cuppycakes

and many others.|

The searches spiked in early 2007 due to the fact that the original video was posted to Youtube in November of 2006, and again in October of 2008 as the Cuppycake Sam video was featured then.

Derivatives and Remixes

Amy Castle and Sam lip-syncing together:

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