Gainax Pose

Gainax Pose

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The Gainax Pose (Japanese: ガイナ立ち, Gaina Dachi; lit. “Gainax Standing Pose” or “Gainastance”), also known as “Gunbuster Pose” in the English-speaking web[1], refers to an iconic pose often appearing on anime franchises produced by a Japanese anime studio Gainax.[2] The concept of this cool and commanding pose has been shared among anime otakus since late 2000s, and it’s a popular subject on illustrators communities.


The first appearance of this pose, later called as “Gainax Pose”, is a scene in the 4th episode of original animation video (OAV) Gunbuster[3] released by Gainax in 1988-89, where Gunbuster is standing with its arms crossed and coming up to deck of a space warship slowly in its first launch (shown, below, left). This robot’s pose also appears on later episodes along with the protagonist’s same pose with her face filled with strong determination against the battle for the future of the earth (shown below, right).

As same as many other scenes and settings in the anime, this pose is also the homage to a panel in the 2nd title of Getter Robo[4] series, Getter Robo G[5], written by Ken ishikawa in 1975, where Getter Dragon standing on the head of a metal beast Uzala is coming up from under the sea with its arms crossed in the final battle.


This pose began to catch an attention among anime otakus by two Gainax’s works in the middle of 2000s. One is the sequel OAV for the anime Diebuster[6] released in 2004-2006. Since main characters struck this pose in many highlights as the self homage to the original Gunbuster and its pilots, this pose became to be recognized as an iconic pose of that anime studio among viewers of the anime. The name “Gainax Pose” was originally coined to refer that pose in Diebuster by them.

Gainax Pose in Diebuster

The other is 2007 TV anime Gurren Lagann that scenario was written by Kazuki Nakashima[7], the well-known follower of Ken Ishikawa and Getter Robo series. Since “Gainax Pose” is often cited as the signature pose also in this smash hit anime in that year, its moniker and concept came to be shared among many Japanese anime viewers.

Gainax Pose in Gurren Lagann

By establishment of presence as the pose holding special meanings and atmospheres, “Gainax Pose” is known as a popular motif for illustrations in online illustrators communities. Fan creations or parodies of characters striking “Gainax Pose” have been continually posted to the Japanese illustrators communities pixiv[8] and Nico Nico Seiga[9] since the middle of 2008. And, some of them are reprinted to Tumblr.[10]

Notable Examples


“Gainax Pose” doesn’t means a simple arm-crossed pose. It’s recognized that these 3 points are important to be called as “Gainax Pose” in the illustrators communities.

  • Atmosphere of the stately appearance
  • Character’s commanding look filled with strong determination or pride
  • Excessive visual effects by winds, smoke, flames, splashes, lights, particles, etc…

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