Gingers Do Have Souls!

Gingers Do Have Souls!

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“Gingers Do Have Souls” is a catchphrase associated with a vlog-style video created by YouTuber CopperCab, who goes on an emotional rant about how he has been bullied in school because of his red hair color[1]. Marked by teenage awkwardness and highly exploitable quotes like “I’m Ginger, and proud of it!”, CopperCab’s heartfelt monologue led to an extensive pool of remixes and mash-up videos, not to mention hundreds of response videos on YouTube.[2] (See also: LILSHOWSTOPPA, ChristianU2uber, and Angry German Kid)


The phrase “gingers have no soul” comes from the South Park episode “Ginger Kids” that first aired on November 9th, 2005. At the beginning of this episode, Eric Cartman gives a class presentation on the subject of red-headed children and “Gingervitis,” a made-up disease.

On January 14th, 2010, an 18-year-old CopperCab uploaded a video titled “GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!” to his YouTube channel passionately expressing his frustrations with red-headed discrimination.

Coppercab’s video received over 3.1 million views and over 600 response videos in the first month of being uploaded. The same clip has been featured as a spotlight video in 23 regional categories and has over 210,000 comments.


The South Park episode became a minor controversy in Canada[3] in 2008, and the US[4] in 2009, after several reports surfaced about school violence acted out against red-headed classmates. The episode has been cited as an inspiration for the Facebook group named “National Kick a Ginger Day, are you going to do it?” which had over +20000 members at one point. While the group no longer exists on Facebook, dozens of anti Kick-a-Ginger-Day remain.[5]

Notable Examples

Response Videos

Leave Ginger Boy Alone:

A sympathetic response from YouTuber FatRants:

YouTuber AfricanoBoiShow shares his opinion:

Remixes & Parodies

Gingers Do Have Souls Rap version:

YouTuber KassemG’s Parody:

YouTube Poop Remix feat. Danny K’s Soopadoopa:

Coppercab eventually enabled ad revenue sharing to profit from the video’s success. As a promotional clip for South Park‘s 14th season, a ginger-haired Eric Cartman spoofed Coppercab’s Youtube Video.

Parents’ Response

On February 24th, a YouTube user called “CopperMomandDad”[8] posted a video “apologizing” for their son’s rants, before they break into a rage of ginger pride:

Return of CopperCab : Apology For Slavery

On January 19th, 2011, YouTuber CopperCab made his return with a new video titled “APOLOGY FOR SLAVERY”, on the day of Martin Luther King Jr. Day (U.S. federal holiday) or about a year after the debut of his “Gingers Have Souls” video. Donning a red stubbly beard and shot on the same location (presumably a house backyard) as his previous upload, CopperCab offers a highly emotional apology for the atrocities of slavery that his ancestors have caused upon African Americans.

Account Hack

In May of 2011, Coppercab launched the YouTube channel CopperVision[6] as a daily vlog for his grandmother Mema and himself. According to an article on Scribbal[7], CopperVision became Coppercab’s main account in August of 2011 after his official channel was hacked. The hacker uploaded a video showing how to use a condom, and another video outlining how he managed to hack the account. Coppercab responded by making two videos, one starring his grandmother, pleading for the hacker to give his account back.

Here is a video update from the hacker himself:

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