Go Home, You Are Drunk

Go Home, You Are Drunk

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“Go Home, You Are Drunk” is an expression used to point out someone else’s failure or misplaced objects, similar to other well-known dismissive statements like You’re Doing It Wrong and Buzzkilling. The phrase is typically featured in image macros in which the subject is performing a task incorrectly or found in an out-of-place position.


Prior to its appearance in image macros, the phrase has been colloquially used to advise someone against over-drinking or scold him or her for losing self-control, comprable to another English idiom “let’s call it a day.” The earliest known instance of an image featuring the snowclone “Go home X, you’re drunk” was posted to the Internet humor site Natuba[1] on October 6th, 2008, which included a photograph of graffiti on a bathroom wall (shown below).


On October 24th, 2010, a similar joke was used in an image macro posted to the “Historic LOLs” Cheezburger[8] page, which featured a painting of a robed man yelling the phrase “And I banged your mother!” accompanied by an embarassed-looking man saying “You’re drunk dad, go home” (shown below).

On August 6th, 2012, Redditor inquirewue submitted an image macro to the /r/funny[3] subreddit in a post titled “You are drunk,” which included a photograph of several people running from a crash-landing plane with the caption “Go away plane / you are drunk” (shown below, left). Within one month, the post received over 4,600 up votes and 55 comments. On August 27th, Redditor electrolemon submitted a cinemagraph of a waterfall coming out of the mouth of a rock sculpture in a post titled “Go home Poseidon, you’re drunk!”[6] (shown below, right).

On September 30th, 9gag user ccodex submitted a post titled “Go home, cow, you’re drunk!”,[7] featuring a photograph of a cow looking back at a camera while walking in an odd fashion (shown below, left). On October 4th, Redditor danpopo submitted a post titled “Bear go home you are drunk" to the /r/gifs[2] subreddit, which featured an animated GIF of a bear flailing its arms wildly at another bear (shown below, right).

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Go home, commenters, you’ve been drunk for a while.


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