Sentencer. The Justice from Beyond

Sentencer. The Justice from Beyond

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Sentencer of Crime is a fictional story based on a vigilante who after being killed attained immortality. It is accompanied by a picture where you see a corpse-like man and carrying a ram’s skull like head.


The Story

On April 30th, 2013, a user named Eddie uploaded a video.

The Image

On Newgrounds, a user named “eddie998” uploaded an image.


Because of the image and story’s scary nature, this meme has lots of fan art in sites like DeviantArt. It is also spread on 4chan.

Notable Examples

Memes of Sentencer by Deviant Art user Jef01

These memes have been found on Deviant Art and published by the user Jef01 is not known, at least for certain, that have been created by the but is the only source that I can cite.

Other Variations

This story is included at the request of buzzsaw09.

I’m not safe … nowhere … that thing eventually find me. Not because he wants to kill me, I’ve done nothing …

I write this with despair for others to believe in my innocence , perhaps the police, maybe some sucker who gets in my way …

I thought that being only killed criminals … is not … is a fucking sent from Hell and will not rest until he gets what he wants … my soul. This note found by a squad of police officers in the house of the victim thought at first that it would be Slenderman but speaks of a legend as dark as or more ( if possible ) as above, in this case the infernal sentencing wickedly murdering the wicked.

So far today has shown that this legend is a lie , at least in some ways. This sentencing hell really is a demon who has been sent by the Grim Reaper to send souls to Hell and meet the demonic delight of the Devil.

Be careful because if this image appears in your nightmares your soul is doomed. No matter if you are good or bad, a criminal or a cop , he will come after you.

There are rumors that support the theory that may be an impostor , other criminologists own theories or some superstitious police suggest something that may be a doppelganger , that is, a dark version of a good thing . To say it is an evil twin would be the best way to describe it .

This doppelganger kills innocent people and evil alike, no distinction . He murders anyone who crosses his path , good or bad but have a preference for killing and shedding innocent blood unjustified .Very little is known about and therefore suggests if a human or supernatural being. One idea that you have perpetrated their crimes with great brutality .

There is another version of the story found on 4chan’s /x/ board writen by buzzsaw09

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