Vengeance Dad

Vengeance Dad

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Vengeance Dad is an image macro series based on a digitally composited family photograph of a balding father on the right side and presumably the mother and two children on the left side. In similar style to PTSD Clarinet Kid, Vengeance Dad images are captioned with first-person style confessions as if he is recounting a terrible event that happened to his family to his own fault or intent.


The photo surfaced via 4chan’s /b/[1] on Thursday, July 1st, 2010, with a post asking Anonymous to caption the image. The original source photograph was posted on the single topic blog Awkward Family Photos[2] on June 18th, 2010.

The image was likely intended to be a memorable family photo, yet the strange partition of the father figure from the rest of family members implies sad things have happened. The phrases typically consist of him killing his family or him going psycho and having regrets as to what his family witnessed him do.


Vengeance Dad image macros quickly spread across custom image generator sites like MemeGenerator[3] and Quickmeme[4] and from there, it was picked up by social media aggregators BuzzFeed[5], Tumblr[9] and Reddit[6] as well as internet humor blogs like eBaumsworld[7] and FunnyJunk[8].

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