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As an atheist, I really don’t think it matters whether he was religious or not. The point is that he was an autocrat, mass murderer, and unparalleled monster, and using his evil as a way to strengthen or justify your belief is tasteless, selfish, and rude.


O Rly?

“We do not want any other god than Germany itself. It is essential to have fanatical faith and hope and love in and for Germany.”
-Adolf Hitler, 1935

Get it? “Der Fuehrer”, like all politicians just said what he needed to say in order to maintain a facade to get into a position of power. When he got what he wanted he dropped the masquerade.

A politician who LIES?! Say it ain’t so! /sarcasm.

Like any tyrant, he worshiped no one but himself, and demanded that the world do the same.


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