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BLU Pyro: RWBY King And Frequent Robber
BLU Pyro: RWBY King And Frequent Robber

There is nothing in the image sites that can express my rage or rustled jimmies right now, so I shall describe it:

Imagine myself riding on top of a 500 foot robotic Dragon which is spewing a colossal amount of fire and lava around a major city. The jager-lizard has eyes like pure hatred, within seconds of staring at them you’re either with me and imbued with absolute fury towards others, or against me, and filled with such fear that you start having chest pains.

Destruction is everywhere is the city, tower blocks reduced to rubble, smaller buildings are nothing more than garbled masonry from the force. Tanks, jets, any military force is shrugged off from the power of it all. Even nuclear weaponry is laughed at, helping only to reduce the land to rubble. UTTER DEVASTATION.

And the text at the bottom would read: “TONIGHT, THE WORLD DIES BY MY HAND ALONE!!!”

…And that’s basically it, give or take a few hundred dozen Titans around to use as foot soldiers (You know, sweep areas, hit the rural locations, standard Grunt of Mass Destruction work)!


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