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I ship Toyota x Subaru as my 2013.
Their BR-S 86 lovechild is proof that it’s Canon
My Headcannon:
Toyota-chan – Conservative, mild mannered and modest but will change her attitude if the situation calls for it,
Scion-kun – Little brother to Toyota-chan, bright hearted and energetic but tries to conform to what ‘cool’ is usually this leads to him blending in to the other people doing the same thing.
Lexus-sama – Businessman, uncle and sometime mentor to Toyota-chan and Scion-kun in formal culture. He recently ran in a marathon.
Subaru-senpai – Sports oriented guy in Toyota-chan’s class. Proud and eager to show off his skills but can be conservative, especially if Lexus-sama is around.
Mitsubushi-kun – Another sports oriented guy in Toyota-chan’s class. He and Subaru-kun have been rivals since childhood, often times trying to outdo each other.

This thread is now Car Company headcannons.


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