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Just imagine…
You’re standing in your kitchen, making a lasagna. Your ingredients might be a little old, and maybe you overcooked it just a teensy bit, but no one will notice, right?
Suddenly, you hear the trademark BRAP-AP-AP of a motorcycle, getting closer and closer. You look in terror at the kitchen door, when suddenly Gordon Ramsey smashes in on a Harley. He skids to a stop in the middle of your now-muddied kitchen and fixes you in his cold gaze. He calmly takes off his helmet and, as you watch in terror, he step up to your dish, fork in hand.
He jabs the instrument into the lasagna, and slowly and deliberately lifts it to his mouth. He takes a bite, and almost immediately spits it out.
He looks at you with hatred in his eyes. You expect a tirade of insults, but he doesn’t even allow you that honor. He just slowly shakes his head, remounts his bike, and drives away into the night, leaving nothing but tears and a lasagna that will never be eaten.


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