Win / Epic Win / For The Win - Dark Flight: meteorite passing skydiver (short version, edited)

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puts on glasses

It’s only a meteorite after it hits the earth’s surface. It’s a meteoroid when in space, a meteor when it hits the earth’s atmosphere, and a meteorite once it hits the earth. This is a meteor.


in reply to Tiny_Robin

Actually the meteor is in what’s called dark flight, which means it has stopped burning and is just falling freely towards the ground with the same terminal velocity as an average rock dropped out a window.
But I don’t see how you can be certain that the meteor is only flying past him at only 2 m/s when we don’t know the size of the meteor or the distance from the skydiver to said meteor.
Also before you calculate the velocity of the meteor, keep in mind that the guy is still falling at approximately 10 m/s with his chute open.


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