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10 Memes About The Release Of The Controversial 'Hogwarts Legacy'

After a long wait, Hogwarts Legacy is coming out. The thing is, not everyone's excited about the release. J. K. Rowling's TERF controversies have overshadowed the reputation of the game already, even to the point where some streamers and those who have pre-ordered the game are being harassed and publicly shamed on social media for even purchasing it. Here's the thing — J. K. Rowling is still going to be rich no matter how many people buy the game, and hating on everyone who purchases it seems rather unreasonable.

Another source of controversy for today's release is the belief that the game will be unfinished, as well as frustration with the high cost of the game. However, many Harry Potter fans think the game looks incredible, and they're looking forward to living out their wizard-themed fantasies through the game. But with all the discourse about the game online, it's hard to enjoy things on the day of the big release. Here are some memes about the whole mess.

Losing the Energy to Care


Both Sides Are Getting Angrier by the Day Now

MFs fighting over the morals of Hogwarts legacy 2009

Whether you want to love or hate Hogwarts Legacy, there are a million people out there who think you're wrong and are willing to fight you for it.

A Game Is a Game

People attacking others for playing Hogwarts Legacy Regular Human Beings

I honestly hope this SpongeBob format catches on, because it's perfect. That's my only opinion on this whole issue.

Still Better Than “Cho Chang”

Fancy Brenda @SpillerOfTea (they/them) Sirona Ryan was the compromise after JK spent 17 uninterrupted hours arguing for 'Amanda Stillaman' G @Game Revolution - 7h Hogwarts Legacy introduces Sirona Ryan, the Harry Potter series' first trans character. #HogwartsLegacy #Harry Potter 12:33 PM. Feb 6, 2023 7,233 Views

The way J. K. Rowling names characters has also been a source of jokes and controversies because, well, "Cho Chang," for example.


Sam Gibbs @iamsamgibbs Introducing havetheystreamed - find out if anyone you follow on twitch has streamed THAT new wizard game ALT Streamer have they streamed THAT wizard game? OR Login with Twitch to check if anyone you follow has played THAT wizard game Login with Twitch → 7:20 AM Feb 6, 2023 6.5M Views 655 Retweets 4,680 Quote Tweets 2,732 Likes Search →

Finished? On Time?

When Hogwarts Legacy seems to be actually finished on release WANTED 199 MANIAC

I Just Want to Be a Wizard

I bought Hogwarts Legacy r/GamingCircleJerk You're a transphobe Harry

Simple Solution

This one sparks joy. H BVODM This one does not spark joy. Not buying Hogwarts Legacy because you disagree with JK Rowlings beliefs Calling other people transphobic for buying the game themselves

Just a PSA: if you don't want to buy Hogwarts Legacy, that's a valid choice. But that doesn't mean you should harass the people who do. It's just common decency to mind your business.

So She Can Continue Her Twitter Rants

J.K. Rowling after I buy Hogwarts Legacy and Britain's richest woman gets the extra 50 dollars she needed to take over the world. Mu

Benefits of the Boycott

*Hogwarts Legacy got successfully boycotted by protester* Rowling losing a revenue equal to 3% of her wealth Innocent employees losing their jobs for staff cuts caused by the flop @danielememer

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