Two singles awareness day memes in the following collection.

10 Memes For Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day, also known as S. A. D., is a holiday devoted to singles. On February 15th every year, immediately following the romance-filled Valentine's Day, this holiday is more of a non-celebratory acknowledgment that Valentine's Day tends to ostracize a large demographic. If you're single, this is the holiday for you.

The following images were made to help single people relate to one another. Just because you're single doesn't mean you're only half-complete, and it certainly doesn't mean you have to miss out on any fun Valentine's Day content, because the darker, more pessimistic jokes about the holiday and our perception of romantic relationships are far funnier than any more wholesome content. Though we do have some of that, too, because there's nothing wrong with being single. Here are some memes to hopefully remind you of this on Singles Awareness Day.

Glad the Singles Aren’t Alone Today

Single BTW is a phrase people often tweet unprompted to share their relationship status, becoming especially popular in the past year.

Be Aware of This Today

Single Dads Single Moms

Don’t Waste Your Time on Someone Who’s Not Right

When your family ask you why you're still single: Professionals have STANDA RIC

Don't feel like you're missing out just because you haven't started dating a toxic partner out of a sense of obligation.

Dates With Yourself Cost Half As Much Money

I'm not really single. I'm dating myself. I take myself out to eat. I buy myself clothes. I love me. I'm awesome.

Being single saves money.

The Legend Is Available, Ladies

0 pakalu papito @pakalupapito Following just dropped my new single it's me i'm single わt. ★ RETWEETSFAVORITES 75,47774,237 BA 羽

Everyone's favorite gimmick account is looking for love, apparently. As of however old this tweet is.

The Better Choice

Her: He's probably thinking about other women... Him:I think I should've stayed single instead of dating this crazy woman who never trusts me

We’ve All Been There

Me: Hey I really like you Crush: Really, I like you too Me: Wait, are you serious My Alarm Clock:


AND Visit Just because I am on Reddit doesn't mean I'm single Vist COM IND Famous IMEA TA LA Alright | am single but it's not because lam on Reddit-

Get That Candy

Today may be Single's Awareness Day, but chin up! Tomorrow is half-price candy day!

Single by Choice

My friend: * talks to multiple girls but can't get any date * Me who doesn't even talk to any girl: You and I are not so different,

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