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14 People From Reddit's 'Woooosh' Who Completely Missed The Joke

Once in a while, everyone hears a joke that goes over their heads. Maybe it's a reference we don't understand, or maybe it's just a niche sense of humor we're not too amused by. But while we all have our excuses for not getting a joke, sometimes the joke is so obvious that you'd have to be completely unaware of humor as a concept in order to not get it. And when the joke goes wooooshing so dramatically over someone's head, there's a subreddit for that.

The sub /r/woooosh catalogs some of the most embarrassing moments of people missing a very clear joke. Maybe if they'd moved on when they realized they didn't see the joke, things would be going fine for them, but instead, they posted some complete nonsense in response to the joke, often meaning it in the rudest way possible, which succeeded only in making themselves look much dumber. Here are some of the most awkward interactions where someone missed a clear joke.

He Should Have Known

seashellronan when u write in rainbow it means straight people can't read it asktheravensprayposts I'm straight & I read it fairie-prince I've got some news for you...

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NA How #Jupiter appears from Europa's surface 65 1875 6,218 I'm from Europe and can confirm looks nothing like this 2:20 AM - 03 Mar 21. Twitter for iPhone 3 Retweets 110 Likes Thats Europa not Europe. Europa is one of the Jupiter's moon 27 ⠀

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Yep, looks like Europe. England, maybe.

This Chad Can Lift 100kg of Feathers

Tuna (sea fish) Today at 1:26 pm Imagine how weak you must be to only lift the 100 kg of feathers smh The guy who can lift 100kg steel The guy who can lift 100kg feathers real e girl (seahorse) Today at 2:42 pm it's the same

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Forgot Her Wallet

Invited my niece to eat some burger and she didn't bring $$ for hers 2d Yo this is definitely child neglect Reply Send View 13 more replies 3d That's not right Reply Send View 12 more replies THE 1d Hows a kid that young supposed to make money Reply Send 184 3 62 12

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One person missing the joke is funny, but three?

Where? I Can't See Him

"VectorStock The four horsemen of invisible Vec 8h 253 likes Reply left 7h You forgot John Cena Hide replies 3 likes Reply & TWN INDUSTRISSING WATER TRANSFER PRINTING WTP-1000 US Woodland ME1 Camo he is bottom

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This joke has somehow never died after all these years.

Wrong Subreddit

r/engrish AⓇ u/GokuXD69 23m tacos is importanter EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT BUT TACOS IS IMPORTANTER

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For those who are unaware, the subreddit /r/engrish is made to shame some bad typos and grammatical errors, and this…is not one of them.

I Think He Should Be Home Reading a Book

stop killing Ducks to make Duck tape NO She should be home reading a book to put some knowledge in that head of hers, I wonder if she knows' the mind is a terrible thing to waste' funny thing is she doesn't know she's wrong. 2 likes Reply Send

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Thanks for the Clarification

Light Switches were invented in 1884 People in 1883:- 8.1k 28 SINGLE COMMENT THREAD ↑ Share r.27m It turns off by pulling down a rope. Reply Award VIEW ALL ↑ 7 ↓

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John Darby @mrjohndarby accidentally said "you too" when the waiter told me to enjoy my meal so he sat down with me and we had a very pleasant evening no that wouldn't happen he'd get fired you idiots

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Which Is It?

Memes 6.4k NEW COMMENTS ▾ 131 LAST YEAR OBAMA SAID HE WAS 57... THIS YEAR HE SAYS HE IS 58... WHICH IS IT OBAMA? That's because a year passed.... Share Reply

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I just realized no word ends with J fridge 9h Reply 153 comments Where is the j at the end in that??? 9h Reply Frij 7h Reply + 173 X

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Idiot Liar

EAR Joy If you ever crash your car just press this button and it'll undo the accident ulyesin. This is lie. That button makes air circle car. Idiot liar.

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That's a Good Point

1 r/memes Posted by u/ Fuuuuuuu.... WHEN YOU HIT YOUR TOE ON A CORAL REEF ↑ Vote + 95 • : Share 21m Are U serious? Sharks dont even have toes?! Reply + Award 10↓

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Just "a Man"

Anime girls with glasses are definitely the cutest. Why would you do this when the picture (image) is of cartoons and a man? + -106

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I wonder who this man could be.

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