15 Images Of Marketplace Mayhem, From Used Walmart Bags To A Broken Ankle Monitor

When it comes to online shopping, most people do the usual thing of going to a major retailer, like Amazon, and picking out a new bike that will get sent to their house via a cruel and complicated supply chain built upon underpaid workers in large warehouses. After it arrives at your house, it still needs to be assembled, assuming their no defects involved. If these things seem too difficult, there's always the secondhand market.

Where that used to involve going to a pawn or swap shop, or even Goodwill, that's all changed with Facebook and Craigslist taking the charge in allowing people to sell anything with a simple picture and a short description. When we say anything, we mean ANYTHING, as you'll see with these absolutely out-of-left-field and insane examples of marketplace mayhem.

Ankle Monitor

Indian Shores Crime Watch and Misc. Info Caroline Hilow Tucker. 19m. For sale: slightly used ankle monitor. May need some repair 08 3 Like Comment ... X 5 comments Send

(Source: Reddit)

I'm not surprised that this is something that you can buy from someone else. I'm more surprised that they managed to take it off and list it without their parole officer immediately spawning at their front door.

Nerf Dart

Search for anything Updated 11/02/22 One Nerf Dart Hasbro $361 $500 $3.72 delivery fee 34

Half A Casket

Half a casket. $1,234 Casket Hair Message

There are so many questions involved with this one, but the saving grace is that it doesn't have any dirt on it.

Jemima Bottles

X Hunt Aunt Jemima Original Syrup Door pickup emima Q Aunt Jemima Original 2 Aunt Jemima collection bottles $5,000 ...

(Source: Reddit)

Walmart Bags

719 Buy and Sell 1h. X Used plastic bags 9 cents each. Save big on store prices! Variety, many coveted Walmart bags that are no longer available in Colorado. $1. COLORADO SPRINGS, CO Bags 4 Sale ะทัƒ from your Get the App today ne plastic bags responsibly Red Rose Recyde RETURN TO A PARTICIPATING STORE FOR RECYCLING ronone ey Message

How much could you get per pound for recycling the bags though? There might be an untapped market here.

Custom Wand

I'll make a custom made wand for you, for cosplays or witchcraft. Can't do intricate designs. Can carve sigils into the wand. If you want me to use a specific stick, then send it to me, otherwise I'll use a random stick in my yard, or possibly use a stick for the tree. The price will vary depending on the simplicity of the wand. Cash only, please $40 Custom made wands Message

Damaged House

ROGERS X 12:24 AM 3 Beds 2 Baths House $300,000 Saved by 157 other shoppers See Other Home Sales You May Like Filter by price, location and more. Send seller a message Hi, is this available? 56% See All Send

At least you know the house can take a beating.

Xanax Bottles

Repurposed pill bottles with handmade coated canvas sleeves. Custom made from upcycled materials. ale V 4 $20 BAYONNE, NJ Repurposed pill bottle container Ships for free with Purchase Protection X +1 Buy now

You know that's what they were prescribed for.


20 21:57 GAME BOY ADVANCE Gameboy Advance Full of Beans $450,000 $500,000 Saved by 275 other shoppers Door pickup or dropoff Send seller a message Hi April, is this still available? Alert Save Share 40 Send Send Offer

(Source: Reddit)

Silent Hill

PlayStation PlayStation. MATURE M ENTROT METER ESAB - SILENT HIL Silent Hill 1 with a little cum stain CIB medi8404 (3) 100% positive feedback 1 of 1 KONAMI 3



I am giving out this MacBook Air that I bought to surprise my Husband for his birthday but then caught him cheating on me. I know I could sell it and get my money back but I want to show him I gave it away for nothing like he is to me. MacBook Air

Toyota Tundra

โ—„ Untitled .ill X 11:59 AM $1,000 Q 2002 Toyota Tundra. 4WD SR5 Long Bed Driven 336,797 miles Automatic transmission Listed 2 days ago Send seller a message 70%

(Source: Reddit)


X Curiosity oddity item ยฃ15 Q

(Source: Reddit)

At least they're honest, they know full well this is a weird item. It makes sense that they would want to preserve the whitest pair of British Teeth in existence.

Jason Statham Cheetah

Yesterday at 8:39 PM Ceramics $50 92 Jason Stathom cheetah 20 Like Yard Sale ... 24 Comments Comment

Empty Alcohol Bottles

12:43 From Empty alcohol bottles $2 Listed 10 hours ago in Winnipeg, MB Send seller a message Hi, is this available? Send Offer ||| Save CASI O 59% Q Send Share :

This feels less like an ad and more like openly bragging that you have dangerous alcoholism.

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