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15 Insane People Looking For Answers On Quora

One of the greatest things about the internet is that it is an endless source of knowledge. Just about any sort of question you can think of can be answered by search engines like Google. Some more subjective questions, though, ones that are more opinionated, can be answered with specific question sites like Quora and Yahoo! Answers.

With sites like these anyone can ask the users online anything. This makes it possible for some super strange, sometimes concerning, questions to be asked, with anything from parenting help to questions that really should not need to be asked. Quora is kind of a scary place, and if you are someone that at some point signed up for their emails you have probably seen some crazy headlines from the site. Here are 20 insane questions being asked on Quora from some rather insane people. A lot of this may be trolling, or at least I hope it is.

Will It?

Downloading Adve mike Sharing Dowricordinge Montlook 21- My MacBook Air weighs 2.3 pounds. If I download more files on it, will it make it heavier? If It helps, I am running Windows 7 Ultimate Answer Request Follow s Have this question too? Request Answers: Request From Quora We wildetribute this question to writers, and notify you chout now a Ad +

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Excuse Me

Quora COโ‚‚ ไนˆ็ฎ€ 8 Answer Follow Open in App Since he was 13 years old, my son had to pay daily parenting fees to live with us. Now, he is 18 years old and moved out and refuses to pay them. How do I punish him? 18 +0 Request Q โ“‡ Details 000 More

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Today I took my 13-year-old son to a restaurant, but since he tried to order himself, I didn't get him anything and ate everything myself, since he needs to learn to respect his parents. Was this a good move?

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โ† Answer My son keeps complaining about his bedtime. He's 16 years old, and he goes to bed at 7:30 each night (8:30 on weekends). What do I do?

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Very Specific

Why can't a woman speak without soup being pored over her by transgender activists in New Zealand? Answer Follow - 1 Request All related (40) โœ“ Sort Recommended

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If Only There Was Another Solution

I'm getting really tired of my son. Every time his sister bullies him, he insults her. How do I tell him that he has to respect his sister? 20 1 2 Answer Follow +0 Request i Details 000 More

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Solid Plan

My wife got a dog after I told her many times I do not want one. Should I sell it without her knowing and pretend it ran away?

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8 I found out my 10 year old sister is dating a 16 year old guy. What do I do? 11 8 Answer OOD Follow Request Details C 000 More

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Have you ever been stripped as punishment by your parents? 34 % Answer Follow Request Details More

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Do lesbians eat vegetables? For example, I have a lesbian friend who doesn't like to eat vegetables as she says she is worried she will come across weak and inferior in front of men who she feels oppress her on a regular basis. I am wondering is the genetic gene responsible for lesbianism somehow mutated in recent generations to cause them to eat a more masculine diet... Re-Ask Follow 6 Comments 2+ Share 1 Downvote www

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Crazy Behaviour

It bothers me that my neighbor takes a shower between 9 and 11 PM. I asked her to shower early and she does not obey me. It is very late and the sound of the shower takes away my peace. What do I do with it?

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What a Deal!

Follow Dec 16 How do I make my bladder weak so I pee without control? I trained myself into incontinence starting at a VERY early age, I would simply pee as soon as I felt the need. I haven't peed in a toilet since I was around 3 (I'm going to be 32 in February) and now I literally have almost 0 control over it. I started by stopping and concentrating on peeing, then peeing while very slowly walking, and I just increased speed until I could pee while running, over time I just didn't need to concentrate on peeing. 48.6K views โ€ข View 81 upvotes Upvote. 81 20 comments from 20 G X and more ...

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What Do You Mean?

What is a good way to deal with a co-worker that has been known to bring his homemade lunches every day?

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No Comment

01:04 โ† Answer 8 47% My husband gave our 18-year-old daughter bare bottom spanking for not doing her homework. What should I do? Peggy Johnson ยท Follow Legal Secretary Mar 27

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< How will I pray to Lucifer so that he will grant me my desires? I love Lucifer. April 10, 2023 7:00 p.m. Quora Digest Details

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