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"Ask Me Anything", also known by the acryonym AMA, is a common chat topic or general discussion forum thread in which posters are encouraged to ask the OP questions relating to a specific aspect of their life, often relating to their career, unique experiences or their fame, when a celebrity is involved. The topics and questions can range from serious to silly and often see recurring questions, especially on Reddit.


In the 1990s, an America Online (AOL) chatroom titled "Ask Me Anything" existed for members of the internet service to interact and ask each other questions. As the room was placed in the Romance category, the room was typically intended for questions of a sexual nature. In May 1995, several female frequenters of the chatroom left and formed "Ask Female Anything" in the general chat category, which was known as "Town Square," allowing any type of question that related to women.[1] Frequently Asked Questions[2] from the chatroom were archived on a Tripod homepage.


By December 2000, message boards began to see their own Ask Me Anything threads where specialists in a specific area encouraged posters to ask them questions about it. One of the first appeared on the forums for the UK multiplayer game service provider Wireplay, in which the user known as [COF-HS]Grim… solicited questions[3] about the 1986 science fiction film Aliens. The thread was active through April 2001, receiving 155 responses.

13-12-2000 17:01 #1 Join Date: Nov 2000 London, UK 2,437 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts COF-HSjGrim... Member Posts: Thanks: Hi. I'm over from the Counter-Strike forum. After proving my knowledge of the Aliens series of films over there, they suggested that maybe one of you lot cousd tax me. So, here it is... Ask anything about the aliens story, science facts, characters, anything from the films or the books or whatever (I'm not that good on anything to do with the making of the films) and I'll answer it. Go on, try me! -The Alien Sage


In February 2002, an Ask Me Anything LiveJournal community[4] was established. However, the format of these interviews were slightly different, as questions were in the main post and any community user could comment on it with an answer. The first post[5] was made on February 9th, 2000 by a deleted user who asked for help deciphering chemical terms. In 2008, the community launched an IRC channel so users could ask and answer questions of each other in real time. As of January 2013, the community has more than 127,000 posts, 3.1 million comments, 7600 members and 5700 followers.

gait Mar. 18th, 2001 | 08:39 am location: room mood: crushed music: two Is better than one posted by: win angel in燮ask me anything questions for men: do you easily fall out of love?especially when you are into a long distance relationship? for women: should we move on and forget about the one person we love when he hasn't made an effort to speak to you for over a month? Link Leave a comment 5191 Add to Memories Share Track This Flag


Probably the most well-known spot for Ask Me Anything threads on the internet, the "I Am A" subreddit[6] was established on May 27th, 2009. Within the first three days, the subreddit saw nearly 800 subscribers[13] and dozens of submissions including a Norway resident[14], a polyamorous bisexual female[15] and a man who survived testicular cancer.[16] As of January 2013, the subreddit has more than 2.5 million subscribers. More than 150 celebrity AMA threads have been archived on their own subreddit.[12]

verified I am Barack Obama, President of the United States - - AMA (self.IAmA) ! Aa | (2362981224578) submitted 4 months ago* by PresidentObama e [+2] + 24247 comments share storify save hide report [Ec] I am Neil deGrasse TysonーAMA (self. IAmA) Aal (44700137657) submitted 1 year ago by neiltyson 27044。 10920 comments share storify save hide report [Ec] verified IAM Bill Nye the Science Guy, AMA (self.IAmA) 3 6513 Aa (70596164087) submltted 5 months ago by sundialbill . :+ 12072 comments share storify save hide report [Ec] We are engineers and scientists on the Mars Curiosity Rover Mission, Ask us 5934 Anything! (self.IAmA) Aa (55521|49585) submltted 4 months ago* by CurlosityMarsRover 8772 comments share storify save hide report [Ec] 5 5508。 IAmA 74-time Jeopardy! champion, Ken Jennings. I will not be answering in the form of a question. (self.IAmA) Aa (22159116643) submitted 1 year ago* by watsonsBitch恒 5205 comments share storify save hide report [Ec]


Vloggers often host their own Ask Me Anything sessions, soliciting questions in the comments of one video to answer them in another. As of January 2013, there are nearly 42,000 search results for "Ask Me Anything"[7] on YouTube, making exception for the Strokes' song "Ask Me Anything."


After Tumblr implemented the ability to ask other users questions on January 6th, 2010, many users began seeking out questions via the tags "ask me anything"[8], "ask4ask"[9] and "ask me a question"[10], among others. In April 2011, specific novelty blogs dedicated to answering questions from the perspective of fictional characters begn popping up on the site, in which the blogger will answer questions with either fan artwork (shown below, left), GIFs and other media content from the work in question (shown below, center) or images of the blogger cosplaying as the character (shown below, right).

asktoreador asked block answer hEY, gAMZEE, how ARE YOU FEELING TODAY, aRE YOU CURRENTLY, INA SOUND EMOTIONAL STATE, J) GOOD a message from Lucie-lolza im bored can you give me a lift somewhere? Sure, but you'll have to promise me not to tell the others! Can't have a gaggle of girls chasing after me and my TARDIS, you know What do you say, five minutes good enough for you? Of course, that's five minutes your time, not mine. I've got to sort all of this out first! Do make sure you say hi to me when you see me, however! biacomcafe asked: block answer Dear Francis, are you a dog or cat person? Dogs slobber a bit too much and have a tendency to break things with their jumping about and they track in mud. Though the smaller ones are indeed cute I am very much a cat person. They are much tamer and, while prone to scratching things if their nails aren't trimmed, much better companions for an artist like myself.

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