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20 Flawless And Hilarious One-Liners To Use On Your Next Tinder Match

The dating scene is nothing short of a national disaster. More and more dating apps become available all the time, from broad sweeps like Tinder to the super niche pools like Farmers Only. Still, though, the ability to communicate effectively and comfortably seems more difficult now than ever. The closer and simpler talking becomes, the more awkward, anxious and detached we all get. It's quite a phenomenon when you think about it.

While they've always existed, pick-up lines and one-liners have become a commonly used way to break the ice with someone when beginning a conversation. Some are clever and half decent, others are just plain awful, those of which have led to memes such as bad one liners. With apps like Tinder you really only get one shot to hit it off with someone since it's essentially just a game of hot or not. Pick-up lines become handy in this case. Here are 20 people from Reddit's /r/tinderpickuplines who have a certain way with words (or they just stole it from somewhere online), shooting the only shot they have to find love in this cold world.

Are You A Microwave

< 10:04 Deal YOU MATCHED WITH ELLA ON 2/24/23 Because GIF Ella il Girl are you a microwave? Today 9:47 PM Type a message ]ܐ MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Nah I'd like to think I'm a toaster Perfect, because I wanna take a bath with you + Sent Send

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Got Her

< 11:27 Type a message A sometimes 123 GIF ♫ | YOU MATCHED WITH JAYCIE ON 1/30/23 jaycie N D I struggle talking to women How bout them apples? The You like apples? QWE R T YU | Ο Ρ You S D F GH J K L space Sent Send XCV BN M return

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Interesting Proposal

7:51 < scary GIF luz YOU MATCHED WITH LUZ ON 2/6/23 you, me, a sailboat, and a loaded revolver. Type a message Today 7:19 PM 7 you in? + Sent Send

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The Geese Are Coming

P YOU MATCHED WITH GRACE ON 2/7/23 I'd fight a goose to impress you and make it into a squishmallow Imo a great way to spend v day and what did that goose ever do to you!!!!!!!!!! Type a message GIF They took my family + Sent Send

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The Voices

< Ella YOU MATCHED WITH ELLA ON 1/30/23 seems like it you would get along with my ex then I'll ruin you emotionally I'm glad I'm your type then Today 12:12 AM The voices are demanding your snap are u schizophrenic

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At Least She's Honest

P 9:18 Olivia YOU MATCHED WITH OLIVIA ON 2/3/23 My friends keep telling me there's someone I should get to know on this app. They might be right about you Today 7:44 PM 21 They are not I bite Sent

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Yeah Me Too

T F ole ond I try my best So anyway, want to hang out sometime? Yesterday 1:47 AM I don't do voluntary human interaction often so it might be super painfully awkward Send a message I mean same Sent

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A Great Compliment To Receive

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4 Welcome to the pick up line company. To receive a cheesy pick up line, press 1. To receive a generic greeting, press 2. To receive a suggestive sexual advance, press 3. Today 07:25 V + Sent

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New Pronouns Just Dropped

8:26 Hii Cd ● Aa Mines eph/me Yesterday Today Hey What are your pronouns? I'm he/ him GIF 79% (+) ●●●

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Bold Introduction

< 7:29 ON 1/13/23 YOU MATCHED WITH Gonna file a complaint on yelp cuz you're not listed as one of the top 10 best places to eat out near me ;)

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She Knows Who She Is

Liked your photo Yesterday 1:50 PM I cant tell if your innocent or an absolute baddie Today 9:32 PM insane would be my top answer Send a message Sent

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GIF Today 19:58 Are you the lottery because I'm delusional and think I have a chance I'm rigged Today 20:58 Type a message ... ✔ Sent SEND

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Got There In The End

I hurt myself pretty seriously If only there was a medical assistant to kiss it better (I hurt my lips btw) you get a kiss just because that was smooth af how about How smooth on a scale of (000) 000-0000 to (999) 999-9999

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I'm not Korean but you warm my Seoul + Sent

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Yesterday 10:31 What do you call a Jewish Pokémon trainer? Let's hear it I have a feeling this is getting dark Today 08:47 Ash, the Pokémon trainer would be named Ash Sent

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Know Your Worth

YOU MATCHED WITH KATIE ON 2/16/23 didn't think i'd be able to find a dime on here but i'm feeling ten cents richer now I'm only worth a dime? I thought it'd at least be a quarter + Sent

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Me Too

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She's immediately giving everything you need to know.


9:44 1 < Francheska thanks all? YOU MATCHED WITH FRANCHESKA ON 5/30/21 Gah damn you put the sexy in dyslexic No problem:) i'm dyslctic so that shits not funnie Ho hsit ym bda ✓✓ Sent

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Airing It All Out

< Anna YOU MATCHED WITH ANNA ON 2/13/23 now you're cute, what's the catch? ;) Yesterday 22:30 i smell really really bad like it's literally a wave of stench when i enter a room + Sent

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