a collection of tweets in response to a viral video of a woman named Kathy Hill starting a brawl at Red Lobster on Mother's Day 2020

There's A New 'Karen' And She's Starting Fights At Red Lobster

Just when you think the pandemic had caused a decrease in "Karens," the world has delivered another, and her name is Kathy Hill. While we're sure you had a very quiet Mother's Day, Ms. Hill did not, as she was filmed starting a brawl at a Red Lobster in York, Pennsylvania. In a video that went viral on Twitter, an unmasked Ms. Hill is heard yelling at a reduced Red Lobster staff that she has been waiting for three hours to pick up her food.

After trying to barge into the restaurant, a few of the workers try to prevent her from coming in which then caused Ms. Hill to strike one of the workers with her own hand. Once the video appeared on Twitter, it immediately sent Red Lobster to trend all morning, leading many to click and find out why. Many users were quick to share their disappointment and frustration at seeing someone behave so terribly, especially at a time where we're all forced to make sacrifices and practice patience. Ms. Hill choosing to react with violence was unsettling, and many were quick to point out how ridiculous she was, especially after she exclaimed that she was the one that was assaulted.



Red Lobster even wrote up an apology for the delays many faced on Mother's Day.

Although, many couldn't help but feel bad for the poor staff that had to deal with this situation.

Many joked that the situation could have gone way worse.

Someone even meme'd a Karen album cover.

Many were not here for Kathy's victim mentality.




Some shared their admiration for the staff for banding together.

A new movie poster was even released.

Several users were happy to provide some important facts.

Many couldn't believe the conditions essential workers were being put through during the pandemic.


Some were shocked that this many people cared about Red Lobster's food.

Although, the Cheddar Bay Biscuits are pretty great.

While Kathy might have felt like she was the victim, others were happy to give her another title.

Even if she was just starving.

A photo of the parking lot was even released.

Leading many to joke that there were other options out there to procure delicious seafood without the stress.

Although, perhaps we have been misled entirely?


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