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What Is 'Jamiroquai Grab'? The New Jamiroquai Meme Explained

Jamiroquai probably deserves a unique award for unintentionally reigniting his relevance in popular culture and memes in 2023. Earlier in 2023, a cartoon parody of his music video for "Virtual Insanity" went viral on TikTok. Now, the Dancing, Walking, Rearranging Furniture video featuring Carter Pewterschmidt from Family Guy has drawn attention to yet another Jamiroquai meme; the ominous Jamiroquai grab.

What Is The 'Jamiroquai Grab' Meme?

"Jamiroquai grab" is a meme showing the American artist dancing in a brightly lit room made to resemble a padded cell. The clip comes from the music video for Jamiroquai's song "Virtual Insanity," where he's shown wearing a navy blue sweater and an oversized top hat. At the 2:42 timestamp, Jamiroquai is shown sliding toward the camera with his hand outstretched.

The clip of Jamiroquai grabbing at the camera has been a meme trend on iFunny for several years now, with the earliest known video using the clip being posted as early as January 2019. The meme might even precede the Dancing, walking trend, which can only be traced back to November 2021.

Akuma players when they see someone move backwards

How Is The 'Jamiroquai Grab' Used In Memes?

The clip of Jamiroquai grabbing was initially used in relation to video games, indicating the use of a particular move set or the popularity of a game. But after "Dancing, walking" became a hit, the meme grew even more popular as a general video caption template.


For the full history of the Jamiroquai grab, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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