Cast Your Vote For April 2023's Meme Of The Month!

Cast Your Vote For April 2023's Meme Of The Month!

Time flies fast, and … could it be already? Yes! It's time to cast your votes for the best meme of the month!

April delivered a delivered a memelicious platter that didn't let anyone hungry: something for the artists and something for the seekers of the unknown, something for AI aficionados and something for voyeurs of the scandalous — there's even something special just for Nintendo fans.

So gather 'round and take your time to pick the meme that will take it all, and remember — every vote matters.

The Meme of the Month is a poll commissioned by the Know Your Meme research staff at the end of each month to commemorate the single most notable meme that is on the rise, as determined by your vote and our community. For the past winners, please visit our archives.

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I wanna give this win to RWBY.

Not just because it was genuinely one of the funniest memes I've seen that does tackle homophobia in a more comedic way even if it's crude, but also because this winning as a meme would be the funniest shit ever to happen for RWBY on this website


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