Well Meme'd

Well Meme'd

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"Well Meme'd" is an ironic expressioon typically accompanied an exploitable image of a character laughing and saying "Hahaha, great post!" followed by "Well meme'd, my friend!". The original featured Pepe, also known as "Feels Good Man Frog". A template was later made, leading to several variations.


The phrase is rumored to have originated on /sp/ (sports) board on 4chan. The earliest archived use of the term was submitted in a comment by Redditor thecashablaser in a post titled "Dankest meme ever to hit this sub fresh off the oven" in the /r/4ChanMeta[3] subreddit on December 31st, 2014 (shown below).

↑ [-] theca shblaster 2 points 1 month ago well meme'd! le permalink le le save le le report le give gold le reply le pocket

The phrase has been associated with a Smug Pepe image macro with the caption "Hahaha great post! / Well meme'd my friend!" (shown below).



On January 5th, 2015, an anonymous 4chan user posted a edited version of the Smug Pepe image macro to a thread on the /tv/ (television) board (shown below).


On January 22nd, a template image of Pepe with the "well meme'd" caption was posted on /tv/,[1] where several users replied with exploitable variations of the image. The same day, an anonymous 4chan user submitted a Diddy Kong "Well Meme'd" image macro along with the question "Is there a 'well meme'd' for everything?" to the /v/[4] (video games) board (shown below).

File: 14 (41 KB, 803x688) O Anonymous 01/22/1 5(Thu)17: 17:30 No. 280455890 -2-280456106-280456739-280456794 2 280460487 280460504 280460613 280461256 280463509 280464721 280465052 280465683 280470356 Is there a "well meme'd" for everything? HOO-HA GR WELL MEMED 280456887280456894 280456929 >>280457278 >>280457306280457320280457852280458373 280460216 Anonymous 01/22/15(Thu)17:20:13 No.280456078 >tumblr>>> Anonymous 01/22/15(Thu)17:20:39 No.280456106 280455890 (OP) I really, really like this picture

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[1] Moe Archive – Template

[2] Moe Archive – Well Meme'd

[3] Reddit – Dankest meme ever to hit this sub fresh

[4] 4plebs – MOTV just came out

[5] Reddit – Fresh Memes

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