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Sad Frog is a cartoon drawing of a depressed-looking frog, often accompanied by the text "Feels Bad Man" or "You Will Never X". It is used to denote feelings of failure or disappointment, either by posting the image or using the phrase "feelsbadman.jpg." Sad Frog may be seen as the antithesis of Feels Good Man.


The original Sad Frog artwork is based on Matt Furie's drawing of Pepe the frog. The earliest archived 4chan thread[1] was posted on January 22nd, 2009, in which an altered version of Furie’s original image with the mouth flipped, saying “Feels Bad Man." On August 17th, 2009, a user on the Body Building Forums posted[2] the Sad Frog image with the caption "not good man."

Feels bad, man not

Pairing the frog with the phrase “You Will Never X” also began some time in 2009. Though the original thread was not archived, it was reuploaded to Polish image hosting service Kyon[3] on June 11th, 2009, noting 4chan’s anime board, /a/, as its original source.

You will never track down the person who started this meme, so you can kill him with your own bare hands.


Throughout 2010, "feelsbadman.jpg" became a popular way of conveying feelings in Greentext style stories throughout 4chan boards, including /mu/[5] (music), /r9k/[6] (Robot9000) and /sp/[7] (sports). The first Sad Frog image compilation was posted to FunnyJunk[8] on June 1st, 2010. The phrase "feels bad, man" was first defined on Urban Dictionary[4] on November 30th, 2010.

File :1270003591902.ipg-(1.05 MB, 2816x2112, 003.jpg) O Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)22:46 No.8515102 Concert stories, /mu/. Good and bad. Gogogo. Here's mine. >On spring break, come home to see family >Little sister loves NeverShoutNever (dude in picture, generally annoying wannabe hipster f-----, link for those who dont know him: >Mom asks me to take sister to NSN concert for her birthday >Being a p---- I do >Go, no one but me is over 14 years old, sister runs off Look around more >see ex girlfriend Im on amiable terms with >Ask why she is there, expecting a sarcastic answer >He's so cute! I love him. >Ex girlfriend is 20 years old >All ex's friends see me, start to laugh at seemingly alone 21 year old dude at NSN concert >feelsbadman.jpg Pic related, it's my stupid younger sister.

A Facebook group called Feels Bad Man[9] was created in December 2009. As of February 2012, it has a little over 1500 likes. In December 2010,[10] was created, with nothing but a picture of the sad frog. There are also two separate Quickmeme pages[11][12] with the picture and an active Tumblr tag.[13]

Notable Examples

Are you there? Hey.. SHE WILL NEVER PAY ATTENTION TO YOU.... Last message received at 17:12 or feels bad man OWILL NEVERGET RAMONA FLOWERS You will never be european
You will never know what it feels like to push a VHS tape into a VCR Nor will you ever get a chance to tell a girl, " have to return some videotapes." You will never kil 50000 people by impaling their asses Feels vlad man 1990 was 20 years ago

Search Interest

Search for "feels bad man" began in August 2009, while search for "sad frog" did not begin to pick up until February 2010. Both terms have a similar pattern of spikes, but since "feels bad man" is a more general phrase, it is more popular.

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