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Mistress Fortune
Mistress Fortune

Honestly this is true of ANY fandom. Star Wars and Star Trek fandoms got mocked for a long time because those fandoms were seen as being full of "awkward nerds who care more about sci-fi junk than interacting with real people, and they try and compare literally everything to Star Whatever." The four above are just the four most recent fandoms to have a sort of heavy presence in this modern era of just about everyone having high speed internet, YouTube, and social media.

Like lets just list a whole bunch of other fandoms for the hell of it:

-Gravity Falls
-One Punch Man
-Rick and Morty
-The Legend of Zelda
-Metal Gear

I'll stop there but the basic point I'm making is every single one of these fandoms have shown me at one point or another their "bad apples," but I still try and not let that ruin my enjoyment of the thing the fandom revolves around.


Hm, not sure if Undertale already deserves a spot here, especially when compared to the other 3.

Anyway, it'll happen sooner or later, such a mix of goofy, clever and emotional doesn't just exist without creating a shit fandom…


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