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Elf GF:
- I bet I can climb that tree faster than you!
- I love it when you touch my ears…
- I don't have to ask, I know I look good.
- Do you feel like salad with dinner tonight?
- You don't mind that I'm taller than you, do you?
- I'm sorry my great-great-great-great grandfather said you're "ok for a human". He's from a different era…literally.
- Of course I hit that guy with a magic missile, I just can't stand when people are mean to you!

Dwarf GF:
- I'm going shopping. Beer or Vodka?
- So you know that girl from that anime you like? I made a figurine of her out of adamantite!
- Hi-ho!
- I really like your beard. Should I grow mine out again?
- I hope these pants don't make me look skinny.
- I can see in the dark but if you wanna keep the light on, that's fine too…
- Wanna arm wrestle?
- So I expanded the basement a little. Now we have room to store a few kegs!

Halfling GF:
- I feel like watching cartoons. Wanna get the pipeweed?
- Believe it or not I'm actually the tallest member in my family!
- I feel like walking the dog. Have you seen my saddle?
- No, you go ahead, I uh…prefer to walk behind you…heehee…
- Can you believe that guy tried to pickpocket you? What a jerk…and an amateur!
- Yeah your apartment's kinda small but I like it. It reminds me of home!
- I hope that place we had planned for date night won't mind if I go in barefoot.


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