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I do not like Trump one bit, I do not agree with the dude holding the camera on many things and some things said on the video ironically became true over time (since this is from over a year ago), BUT… this right here is proof of the counter-productiveness of ignorant protesting. Whatever message you have simply does not convince anyone, which is a must-have requirement for them to illcit change. Granted, this video in particular sets the bar pretty low by using SJWs as an example, but the point applies to anyone, regardless.

You need to be informed about the cause you are protesting, or nothing will come out of that endeavor.


This is pretty much what all protesting at least in the USA has devolved into, like the people orginizing may have some idea whats going on for better or for worse but the majority of folks they get to protest don't really know why their there. They've just been told its bad so they need to protest.


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