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I am slightly annoyed that these late night TV clowns are using Latin American people for this shit and making people think that this is how we are, when the exact opposite is the truth. Not only is race much less of a topic here (except for Brazil), but also, poverty itself is a very unifying topic amongst middle and lower class citizens that we would never dare make a mocking parody of.

It is a serious problem that does not care about your race or gender and corrupt politicians only elevate the problem further each year by pocketing most of the country's wealth and blow it on foreign economies instead of investing on their own country. But these damn gringos on their TV shows, uncaring of all this, just have to make every single little problem in life about race and gender because why the fuck not, and might as well skew the views of gullible boomers about Latin Americans while at it: not like any of them even talk Spanish or Portuguese to fully know how things really are outside their political sphere.


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