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Skary Spookster
Skary Spookster

"Alright, we’re gonna do something a bit different here and take a look at a game that hasn’t even been officially released yet. I’ve reviewed games that barely counted as finished or even videogames, so why not?"
"So your basic objective here is to make sure your “Senpai” loves you after taking out anybody else he’d rather have over you. You got Hitman-style mechanics and a bunch of school-related activities to mess with. Simple enough… until you try to move a couple feet and the entire thing slows down! What’s even going on?! Seriously, I’ve just stepped a couple feet and the game crawls slower than diarrhea on the side of a toilet bowl! And you’ve seen my Jurassic Park review- this computer ain’t cheap. I’m no programmer, but the code is more dysfunctional than my liver. [Downs Rolling Rock]
"There are else-if functions out the ass, he hardcodes values instead of setting calculations and statements return to themselves. Explains why it runs at 15 FPS. Normally I’d destroy the game or console I’m playing on, but it looks like the game’s just about ready to do that for me! What were the developers thinking?!"


That would be a short one. Yandere Simulator isn't even a game in the traditional sense (the term "game" implies that there is an objective to complete, which Yandere Simulator has none).

Also I can't see James doing this, probably because it's an indie project made by one guy and he wouldn't want to get involved in the drama by mocking Alex's project in front of millions.


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