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Chris the Lovable Jerk
Chris the Lovable Jerk

"And then there's the fact that you've become the film industry equivalent to John Carpenter's The Thing, you fowled up Star Wars so bad people are wishing George Lucas would save it from you, you let a show end with the main character committing genocide and it's framed as a good thing, you constantly cancel promising projects for stupid reasons…"

"Shut up, will you shut up!"


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"Not to mention the hiring of incompetent writers that have decided to include a hidden agenda within the scripts. Storytelling should have a theme that should be subtle, shown, but never told through monologues. Instead, you guys hired a person who attempted a half-assed coup to feminize a beloved franchise to make it more appealing to the opposite sex, even though its fanbase was already diverse to begin with…"

"Be quiet! I order you to be quiet!"


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