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Geigh Science
Geigh Science

[A ten-year-old girl who had been raped traveled from Ohio to Indiana to have an abortion … Jim Bopp, the general counsel for the National Right to Life Committee, said in an interview that the girl should have been forced to bear the child, and that "She would have had the baby, and as many women who have had babies as a result of rape, we would hope that she would understand the reason and ultimately the benefit of having the child." Bopp's comment led to ire from several left-leaning politicians and media sources, deriding Dobbs and the stance taken by the right.] From the wikipedia article on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, and yes the references check out.

This is the sort of thing we're dealing with. 'Oh just force 10 year olds to have their rapists babies, hopefully they'll understand why this is actually a good thing later on.' I've been sitting here for several minutes trying to think of something I can say to put in clearer terms what a horrible mentality this is, but I think the original quote by itself is the most damning thing that can be said.

Ten Shadows
Ten Shadows

in reply to Geigh Science

This whole big-ass abortion war is just obsessing over the rotten fruits of the rotten tree, instead of going all the way to the roots of the problem: very few of the loud and righteous combatants seem to have any real interest in making this a country where ten-year-olds aren't raped to begin with.

We fuck up a country's economy and education, we refuse to teach our young about their bodies, we let them go into dangerous and humiliating situations with no way of self-defense – and then, after all that, we seek to shut away their very last hope for reprieve. And through all that we tell them it's for their own good. Fuck that shit. Fuck the lot of them.


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