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"You don't understand! They were hiding guns and explosives for Charlie! We tried to do it right, we tried to confiscate and destroy the weapons without any fuckups, but one of them pulled a little knife and stabbed Mike in the throat before we could stop her, we shot her down…"

(Dad covers his face with his hands, and starts shaking his head back and forth, trying desperately to make the memory go away)

"…and a whole bunch of them started moving towards us and… and…"

(Dad stops shaking his head, dropping his hands from his face. His eyes have become as wide as dinner plates, and his pupils as small as pinpricks)

"…why won't the screaming stop? Oh God, WHY WON'T THE SCREAMING STOP?! I'm sorry, OK?! I'm sorry, just stop screaming, please! Do whatever you want to me, JUST STOP SCREAMING! PLEASE!"


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