Bad Pickup Line Spike

Bad Pickup Line Spike

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This image macro meme originated in a thread entitled, “Spike’s Friendzone”, on the /pony/ board of Ponychan. It is primarily a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic sub-meme. The Original Poster wished to discuss the relationship between Rarity and Spike, as it seemed to him that Rarity had to be aware of Spike’s affections for her and that she was just using him for slave labor. As the thread continued, it became a discussion about how Spike covets Rarity because she is like a diamond and dragons covet valuable and rare things.

Then the conversation went on to suggest that Spike, when he would become older, would either stuff Rarity to keep her intact and beautiful forever, or mate with her to produce more ponies like Rarity, aka more diamonds. Since dragons are known to be able to practically successfully mate with anything in western fantasy, this idea did not seem so strange.

It should be noted that the user, Geldon, was inspired by this discussion to write a grimdark fanfic about Spike in his middle years thinking back on his life and when he paid a taxidermist to keep Rarity lifelike after her death. The story is entitled “The Centerpiece of My Collection.” In the story, it is suggested that Rarity is vain enough that she would even help Spike organize this macabre plan.

On /pony/

The Original Inspiring Post

This post by an anonymous user was made in response to the capture above depicting Spike with an angry and confused face similar to Y U NO. While trying to grab a more detailed screen-grab from an HD episode on Youtube, by chance he happened to stop at this moment in the show and decided to comment on it.


The inspiration for this meme was drawn from the original photo from the anonymous user and his musing about Spike trying to use a pickup line on Rarity. In the photo, a still from the episode, Boast Busters at approximately 2 mins 46 seconds, Spike is depicted looking at Rarity with a nervous grin on his face and outstretching his hand as if giving a proposition. Rarity, on the other hand, seems to look very uncomfortable and almost disturbed.

A typical macro has RARITY at the top to represent Spike talking loudly to get her attention. On the bottom is a very lame and often crude pickup line meant to be said by Spike afterwards. The point of the macro is to make Spike appear to be using the worst pickup lines imaginable, lines that would probably get a man smacked if used on any woman. One user noted that the more crude the pickup line Spike used, the funnier that Rarity’s expression became.

Current History


A user named GaPTrixie jumped on the meme and created a swarm of macros from this image. Further image macros were planned by GaPTrixie and surfaced the next day. There has been at least three variances so far, one created by the user bw where RARITY is replaced with HEY HUNBUNNY, one with “gimme sum clunge” (a phrase meaning Spike is demanding her vagina) by an anonymous user, and another involving a pickle by an anonymous user, all of which which have been recently added to the picture archive.


An enterprising anonymous person ran with the idea of this meme and created a sub-meme called Bad Pickup Line Spike Love Letter, where he writes various dirty letters to other pony residents of Equestria. Apparently, now nopony is safe from Spike’s sexual harassment. Examples have been added to the archive. They were found at

Also, GaPTrixie got busy again with more things coming out of Spike’s mouth to Rarity that he probably wouldn’t say normally. More have been added to the archive as well as other anonymous users’ contributions.


Update: GaPTrixie:" For some reason, saw fit to delete my meme and the related sub-meme. I have re-added them to memegenerator as Bad Pickup Line Spike and Bad Pickup Line Spike Love Letter in case it was a mistake or out of malice. We’ll see what comes of it. In the meantime, I’ll be making more. They’ll be bad for sure, but maybe not as nasty. I leave that up to others as their per(o)gative(sic) to do so. Then again, I might do a dirty one now and again just to shake things up…"


The spirit of this meme took a sinister turn when it inspired Spurned Spike.

The original image was taken from Season 2 Episode 10 “The Secret of My Excess” at approximately 18:38. This new spin-off macro depicts Spike fully-grown and ready to vent his frustration on his former crush for turning him down so many times (even though almost all of his attempts were absolutely doomed to fail due to their content and tone).

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