Can it run Crysis?

Can it run Crysis?

Updated Aug 23, 2010 at 12:57PM EDT by AJ Mazur.

Added Feb 17, 2010 at 09:27AM EST by Heliosphan.

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Crysis was a PC game released in 2007 at a time when game developers wrote games which instead of aiming to make money, wrote titles which simply refused to run on about 99% of PCs worldwide due to its ridiculous hardware requirements. Crysis is a title at the very pinnacle of that era.
A typical gaming rig which would run the game at a minimum acceptable rate without stuttering or looking jerky (slow frame rates) would cost a small fortune. Years passed by and the game still refused to run well on anything but really powerful and relatively expensive gaming platforms, not helped by the games updates which enhanced the visuals even further (HDR lighting etc).
The phrase has become a common occurence in techy internet forums discussing interesting new computer gadgetry products, or indeed parodying very old computing technology which would be totally incapable of even loading the title binaries let alone any of its visuals, or even executing its code.

Another Crysis meme reference

Whilst the purest definition of ‘meme’ states that it should be much imitated, adapted, subtly (or amusingly unsubtly) altered, it demands more thought into becoming easily adapted simply because it is a four word sentence – If you change the game title, it loses its very identity. Imitation too is usually best made on still or video imagery where its simple to photoshop out somebodys face with, say, Brian Blessed’s face, to much amusement.
A simple textual meme, like “Can it run Crysis” being only four words, I submit, is actually a meme because it is usually subtly re-worded into “I’m almost afraid to ask if it can run Crysis”, or similar. Furthermore, the context matters too, for instance, if I were to submit the phrase when referring to my washing machine, it becomes amusing, especially when the observer attempts to visualise that particular scenario. I personally, however, haven’t found anything like that.
I could personally envisage a series, similar to the famous ‘will it blend’ meme (is that on here too?), adapted for the “Will it run Crysis” phrase introducing a number of random gadgets and appliances that are tested for its compatibility.
So the question still remains, as far as I know, there are no pictorial or video series featuring the phrase, there are no visual adaptations of the phrase around, only small sentence adaptations in its text and simple imagery featuring the text in frame. Is it a Meme? I cannot tell.

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