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Cookie☆ (Japanese: クッキー☆) is a nickname given to a fanmade animated drama video “Marisa and Alice’s cookie kiss” (魔理沙とアリスのクッキーKiss), which features many characters from Touhou Project.

The video has been mocked by the fandom because of its poor quality dub and plot. This animated video got an edit cult following among some of the users called Inmufags, who are fanatics of the Japanese gay porn phenomena A Midsummer Night’s Lewd Dream. It is generally been set to the subject for the video bombing on Nico Nico Douga (NND).


The video “Marisa and Alice’s cookie kiss” was produced by collaborating of 43 members including amateur voice actors, music creators, illustrators and movie editors who were organized through the web by Rio Hazuna (蓮菜理緒) who is the scenario writer and the director of this drama.[1] Plot takes as a tea time in Hakurei Shrine with Alice and Reimu. Marisa noticed that she forgot a reciprocal gift to Alice for the Valentine’s day. Marisa challenges making cookies by borrowing the help of Sakuya and other Touhou characters.

The video was uploaded to NND on February 15th, 2010, the next day of St. Valentine’s Day.[2]


This video was severely criticized among Touhou fans because of the voice actors pronunciation and the plot written by Rio Hazuna.

The situation was changed after the Inmufags found this video in two days. The Inmu fandom linked the drama with their Japanese gay porn fad “A Midsummer Night’s Lewd Dream” to compare or simulate the poor plot development of the both series, considering they are both so bad so good.

Today, Those MAD videos are tagged under “Cookie☆”, the nickname of the original video given by Inmufags.[3] More than 1000 videos related to “Cookie☆” had been uploaded to NND in its first 2 years, and as its amount is still increasing.[4]

Rio Hazuna’s Sexual Harassment Suspicion

Meanwhile, Rio Hazuna, the organizer of this project, didn’t favourably receive those dirty comments and parodies, and deleted many of MAD videos and other related videos from NND as the copyright holder of the original video.

Inmufags got mad against Rio’s contradictory behavior because he/she also made that miserable drama by borrowing Touhou creations. They held a large campaign to search his/she and other participants personal information on the social web. In the campaign, they checked up that Rio Hazuna was a middle-aged man as contrasted with his handle sounding like a female, and he never unveiled his sex to female participants until they meet in offline. They also succeeded to contact with several female participants and drew testimony that they suffered his sexual harassment at parties.

Then, the suspicion arose, which Rio Hazuna didn’t care about product quality because he had organized collaboration projects for the purpose of he making special relationships with teenage girls. Inmufags opened a wiki page for this incident[5], was releasing information at realtime, and continued insulting him in the videos comments.

Finally, Rio Hazuna, putting on the spot, put up the white flag and uploaded an apology about his sexual harassment suspicion to his blog.[6] Moreover, he forced to retire from all online activities.

Notable Examples

Editor’s note: Many of parody videos in this series are not safe for work because those include explicit sexual contents taken from gay porn videos.

Left: (NSFW!!) I’m so happy[7] | Right: (NSFW!!) Wanna Party? from BEMANI[8]

Left: (NSFW!!) Help me,ERINNNNNN!![9] | Right: Collaboration work for the 1st anniversary of Rio Hazuna’s retirement[10]

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External References

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