Coucou tu veux voir ma b*** ??

Coucou tu veux voir ma b*** ??

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Coucou, tu veux voir ma bite, also found as its shorthand equivalent cc, tu va voir ma bite and which means “Hello, do you want to see my dick??” in English, is a French meme based on the chat logs of a young man named Jonathan-du11 that appeared on French TV in the beginning of 2009. They led to a great amount of video parodies, remixes, as well as a call for search on who exactly was that Jonathan du 11.


Complément d’enquête is a France 2 investigation show mainly dealing with societal problems, broadcast every fortnight on TV.
In their segment dating from January 19th 2009, their investigation, titled Ces ados qui nous échappent (These teenagers that grow away from us), was centred on teenagers. From the entire show, the following scene, taken from the “les Dangers d’Internet” (The Dangers of Internet) segment and uploaded to Youtube on February 12th 2009 (shown below), would greatly catch attention:

It depicts a woman journalist impersonating a young girl, using the username Lolita13 in a chatroom, in order to show the dangers of Internet to the audience. As she describes, she logged in a Skyrock chatroom and, without really starting any conversation, she was accosted by a stranger named Jonathan-du11. As the camera zooms in, it allows the viewer to have a glimpse of the entire logs (shown below).


CC (French shorthand for “coucou”, meaning Hello)
Tu va voir ma bite (though there is a typo that may change the meaning of the actual sentence, here, it means Do you want to see my dick)
Jonathan-du11 a quitté le chat (Jonathan-du11 left the chatroom)


The youtube video has accumulated more than 1 200 000 views as of August 2012. Since the very day the show was broadcast, there were forums threads made mainly to mock on it[1].

Several articles, including[2],[3] and[4], accounted for the meme that ensued and commented on the general tone of the investigation. Many were quick to point at yet another TV show trying to warn their public about Internet and its threats, intentionally depicting a world with its dangers and predators using an overly dramatic tone while having flaws in their arguments.

Indeed, the username used by the journalist, Lolita13, to bait her preys, wasn’t considered to be “innocent” at all the same way the chatroom the logs came from was a dating-themed chatroom, more than a more “common” chatroom.


The meme’s strength lies down in the way the voice actor repeated the logs out loud with a robotic and indifferent tone. In addition to the aforementioned links, other corners of the French web reported on the phenomenon, like[5] making a tongue-in-cheek comparison to a bollard (called bitte d’amarrage in French) and Éteignez votre Ordinateur[6].
It also reached Facebook with an official page[7] gathering over 29 000 likes, even having a female variant known as “Do you want to see my pussy?”[8].

Parodies and remixes

The catchphrase became a staple of French parodies, being mashed up in movie segments, remixed in songs or having people showing in on posters at live events.



People showing off the catchphrase at live events


Vigilante justice action

With the popularity of the meme, some netizens tried to find out about who exactly was Jonathan-du11 and his pedophile antics. An article from May 2009 on[9] showed the result of tracking him down to a Skyrock Blog (now deleted) with the exact same username, giving information about a then 21 years old lad.
The article offers a screenshot of the blog before its deletion as well, which featured photos of him.
That screenshot has also been reused in a January 2010 thread on Neo-Geo fans forums[10], where a photoshop trend displayed over 4 pages took hold.

Since then, two other Skyrock blog accounts showed up: and

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