Dr. Evil Air Quotes

Dr. Evil Air Quotes

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Dr. Evil Air Quotes is an image macro series featuring a screen capture of Mike Myers portraying the fictional character Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers film series while performing an air quotation gesture.


In the action-comedy film series Austin Powers[1], the antagonist Dr. Evil (played by Mike Myers) often resorts to air quotes to highlight certain keywords when discussing his world domination strategies, most notably in the second installment of the series, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (shown below):

On October 3rd, 2012, FunnyJunk[5] user niack submitted an image macro featuring an outline illustration of Dr. Evil making the air quote gesture with the caption "I call it / ‘YOLO’" (shown below).


On November 22nd, 2012, an image macro joking about the way FunnyJunk[6] users create original content was uploaded to the Internet humor site (shown below, left). On January 26th, 2013, Redditor ThexJwubbz submitted a Dr. Evil image macro which mocked the names of several cable news channels (shown below). Prior to being archived, the post gathered more than 2,800 up votes and 60 comments.

On May 15th, 2013, Redditor Mooner submitted an image macro featuring a screen captured image of the Dr. Evil scene to the /r/AdviceAnimals[4] subreddit, which joked about saying “see you in the morning” after a long night of drinking (shown below, left). In the first three months, the post gained over 900 up votes and 5 comments. On June 19th, Redditor britnorway posted an image macro to /r/AdviceAnimals[7] mocking the low battery indicators on iPhone devices, which accumulated more than 400 up votes and 10 comments in the next two months.

On July 20th, Redditor stumblebreak submitted a post titled “I vote to replace the Dr. Evil meme” to /r/AdviceAnimals,[8] featuring a screen capture of comedian Chris Farley making an air quote gesture on the sketch comedy television show Saturday Night Live (shown below, left). In the following month, the post garnered upwards of 30,900 up votes and 800 comments. On July 30th, Redditor soapinthepeehole posted an image macro mocking former Misfits bassist Jerry Only’s decision to resume touring (shown below, right) to the /r/punk[9] subreddit, gathering over 390 up votes and 65 comments in the first three weeks.

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