These Photos Are Mines

These Photos Are Mines

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On Wednesday, May 21 2008, a young man from New York City, known only as “Mr. Right” was discovered by His NYC’s craigslist personal, in which he posted several pictures of himself sporting literally hundreds of dollars, in various poses in what is assumed to be his grandmother’s apartment, and proclaimed, “Mr. Right Iz Here Waitin on U.”, became the source of much-deserved mockery on

But that was only the beginning. Upon hearing of this mockery, Mr. Right was not content to simply turn the other cheek, or tuck his tail between his legs and flee. Instead, he decided to call the offices of, demanding justice, threatening physical and legal recourse, and insisting that he gets girls and doesn’t care about all that, and most importantly, proclaiming that “these photos are mines.” Clearly intimidated, Gawker posted the audio of his message, prompting further much-deserved mockery. From then, other forums such as and joined in the fun, and the rest is history.

A fairly accurate transcript can be found below. Read along while listening to the audio here:

Yo’ somebody emailed me, and they said that you on this web site, these fotos are mines right? I posted in on craigslist like prolly like 3 days ago, umm I look at my email because ya’ know, people could reply to back to your craigslist if they wann’ talk to ya’. Now, somebody emailed me, said you on this website. OK! I went to the website, it has my post and people write comments making fun of my pictures some guy that posted, ya’ knowatameen? He wrote funny things about me, and basically ya know, the the the thing is that, he didn’t axe me permission, That’s the first thing! The second thing is, I can press charges on him because that’s fraud, I mean, its like if I take your picture, of you naked, and you know, put in on a website, ya know tha that’s fraud right there! You could, you could, you know that’s unreasonable, he didn’t write to me, he did not tell me anything, I don’t know who is it, but whoever it is should be in trouble because, you posed to ask permission! Ya’ know I get girls pretty much, ya’ know I’m a young dude, I do what I do, I’m a producer. But, my whole, the whole problem is is not because of that. It’s because why would somebody take my pictures without my permission? It’s like taking your * social security and using it without your permission! That’s fraud! Would you like somebody to take your pictures without your permission and then somebody that you don’t know ezmails you and tells you on this picture? Listen! I don’t care! I get girls. It was just a little * thing that my boy told me about, “craiglist, I was like what”, he said he gets a lot of response, So I said aight, let me try it one time, then look what it came… about. People are joking on me. You see the comments. One girl wrote a * comment there that is saying "Oh, ya know,.. he’s a pretty guy, but they say he lives with his mommy, he got 600, WHAT THE *?!?! That’s EMBARRASSING!! What happens if I walkin the street and they say "oh look at that guy, oh he has,.. c’mon man like, thats, thats not cool!!

That’s like a spit in my face! Like I would punch the * guy whoever did this and I will * him up because, you don’t do that, you don’t do * like that. Ya’ know, I don’t care whoever posted it up. I feel like pressing charges on this guy. And I don’t care. So why have a website, this is, this is, this is a ques.., why have a website, if you don’t, you can’t have a website, running a website, you gotta have copyrights! What copyright does he have? Without my persmission. Because you see I’m not stupid. What’s gonna happen is before I do any illegal actions, they gonna take it off and say it never happened. But ya know what? I’m ten times smarter than these people! Becuase I’m gonna record it,.. right now! Absolutley! You see, it’s not your fault, but I know how business runs in New York. I know how it allll runs, these people, how they do it, they play smart, but I’m way smarter. I will call back later. I’m gonna call my lawyer. And this is gonna be, this is gonna be a problem. Cause I didn’t like that. That’s that’s nah that’s not funny.

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