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FOE “Field-On Enemy” is a parody of enemies who appear at the most inoprotune moments, appearing as a Orange, Red or White fuzzball with a °д° face in most cases, either in Images or Videos. It has commonly been associated with Touhou Project.


Lyric Translation: Encounter with an FOE

If you go straight ahead, it’s FOE!
Orange moyamoya is FOE! (moyamoya= puff of smoke)
It noticed us, FOE!
We’re out of TP, FOE!
Even while fighting a boss, FOE!

[Text: Wyvern: Hellooo, I’m an FOE
Team: Go away!!!]

The paladin is dead, FOE!

[Text: Character Names:
Paladin, Swordsman, Dark Hunter, Ranger, Medic]

How could this be?
The party has been wiped out by an FOE

They’re still multiplying, FOE!
If you press the wrong button, FOE!
It’s resurrecting, FOE!
I forgot to buy string, FOE! (referring to Warp Wire, which basically warps the user out of the dungeon and back to town)

Suddenly, from an angle, FOE!
This curse hurts, FOE!
If you open the door, FOE!
Once every three days is FOE!

Onii-chan, move, that’s an FOE!
Big bro and I! Body-building!

[Text: Super FOE (reference to Super Big Bro / Chou Aniki)
FOE Samba II]

But still, this FOE is certainly in high spirits.

[Saturday Night FOE

Saitama Saitama FOE!
Eirin Eirin FOE! (A reference to “HELP ME EIRIN!”)

[Text: Eirin (Forest Management)
To care for the forest so it can grow. Management of a forest. (Industry)]

Gossun gossun FOE! (Reference to Marisa Stole the Precious Thing)
Douman Seiman FOE! (A Buddhist chant; referencing the onmyouji music video that was combined with Marisa Stole the Precious Thing)

Ahahahahahaha. We put an extra monster there in advance!

Certainly, an FOE

On April 2007, a Flash animation by IOSYS satirized their annoying tendency to pop up at inopportune times during play. It turned them into a popular meme within Japanese image-board culture. IOSYS depicts the FOE as a literal monster rather than a placeholder: tribble-like orange fuzzballs with the °д° emoticon for a face. This has become the standard way of drawing them, although the nature of black and white doujinshi means white is a common alternate color.


A “FOE” is a special type of monster in the Etrian Odyssey series:

(end at 1:30)

In many videos, it will portray a monstrous Deer FOE. This is reference to the ragelope, the first FOE you will encounter while playing. It is worth noting that the ragelope and other FOEs are significantly stronger than normal enemies, and it is easy to be caught unprepared. In fact, one will almost always have to venture to the next floor in the labyrinth before they are prepared to fight the stronger FOEs on the current floor.


FOEs are monsters exclusive to Etrian Odyssey, so that begs the question of how they got associated with Touhou

One would assume it was just because the video was made by IOSYS, a group that has made many popular Touhou videos and remixes, however, that may not be the case, as it bears a considerable resemblance to the common fan depiction of kedama, a Touhou PCB Stage 4 enemy, which may have been the start of their association with Touhou.

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