Foreverial Tiedup Delitized

Foreverial Tiedup Delitized

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Foreverial Tiedup Delitized is a copypasta that is known to be circulating around the internet commonly used to satirize deviantART fetishes and bad arts in general. Originating from the works of deviantART user Rafe15, it gained popularity in around February 2013 and its use had spread in many forums, particularly Facepunch and 4chan’s /lgbt/ and /v/ boards.


The deviantART user Rafe15 has a collection of such pictures that can be dated back to 2010. The earliest instance of such pictures was titled “A very different Jake”, featuring his OC rat character Jake and was uploaded on June 10, 2010. Pay attention to the following description.

“This is a very different Jake, not the UDC Field agent Desert hopping mouse nor is it the Australian Kangaroo rat from the Rescuers Down Under. species is Kangaroo rat and nationality is Australia, but of something separate and different. This Jake the kangaroo Rat has become Foreverial Tiedup Jake and he was fully delitized with his organs and inside and literally his whole body changed into a permanent living bologna version with permanent living bologna organs and insides and a permanent bologna, ham and cream cheese tongue. nose is a permanent pastrami nose and has two permanent ham lips and two permanent bologna and ham ears. Fully wrapped like a mummy, tiedup this way to remain and always jumping around with a permanent smile on his face and a wide open permanent bologna mouth speaking constantly ready to lick anyone or anything with his permanent Bologna, ham and cream cheese tongue. The furry art bondage borgified version of Jake the kangaroo rat. there are other Australian Jake the Kangaroo Rat characters i have done besides this and the UDC field agent. This is defanitely not the UDC field agent Jake as this doesnt exist at all in that series that I do, this is in the genre of fully permanent living deli and full permanent rubbery rope bondage. This also is defanitely not the Jake from the rescuers Down Under as this doesnt happen to him either, just a different character whom becomes Foreverial Tiedup Jake”

After that he began uploading artworks with very similar construction and description throughout 2010. The most notorious one is “Sparky Changed”, which garnered over 30 comments in a few months.


Sometime in January or February 2013, the picture of “Sparky Changed” began going viral in certain forums such as Facepunch and Neogaf. Notable for its repetitive sentences and strange words like “foreverial” and “delitized” together with the strange premise of turning cartoon mice into deli meats and sauces, it quickly gained recognition in sites like Reddit and 4chan. In 4chan, it’s known as the poster child of “deviantART autism”.

There are many derivatives for it, but this one is the most commonly used style, taken from “Pikachu Tiedup Roped up”.
A Fattened fully delitized rubbery rope bondage wrapped version of Pikachu. Full permanent ham head, full permanent ham body, two permanent ham feet, a permanent ham tail, two permanent bologna and ham ears, two permanent bologna lips, a huge thick permanent bologna, ham and cream cheese tongue, a permanent bologna nose, permanent ham organs and ham insides and the typical blood type of ketchup, tomato, pizza, taco and bbq sauce. fully wrapped up, tiedup, bound, all foreverially tiedup all over from full permanent ham head to full permanent ham feet and enjoying it. Does the same thing as the other Pikachu who is just like him, only delitized differently

The spread of the meme reached is apex in around February 2013 and March 2013. Words like “foreverial” and “delitized” became quite popular in internet vocabulary.

Notable Examples

Some copypastas were found in the internet, such as “foreverial tiedup Jun” started appearing, and it’s also quite ubiquitous in certain gaming communities and social sites as a humorous name. Parodies like these can even be found.

In Rafe15’s deviantART gallery, baffled audiences started using his own odd vocabulary against him in dismay or even ironic delight. In forums and 4chan, it’s the common denominator of deviantART’s “autism”.


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