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Ge Ping

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Ge Ping (Chinese: 葛平; Pinyin: “Gé Píng”)[1] is a Chinese voice actor best known as the voice behind the character “Lan Mao.” One lecture of his was broadcasted on television, and later uploaded to the internet, becoming the subject of Chinese MADs and parodies.


In 2008, Chinese video hosting service Youku[2] user 篆毫[3] started uploading videos of the voice actors from “3000 Whys of Blue Cat” and their lectures. The most notable video, uploaded on September 14th, 2008[4], was that of Ge Ping, the voice actor for Lan Mao up until late 2005:

Chinese English Translation
嗨,小朋友們,大家好! Hi, kids!
還記得我是誰嗎? Do you remember who I am?
對了,我就是為藍貓配音的演員葛----平----。 Right! I’m the dubber for the Blue Cat, Ge Ping.
今天啊,我特別要向秦皇島市的小朋友們、石家莊市的小朋友們還有河南安陽的小朋友們問----聲----好。 Today, I’m here to send my very special regards to all the kids from Shijiazhuang district, Henan Anyang district and Qinghuangdao district.
為什么呢?因為我們在二零零二年的十月份來到了秦皇島、石家莊為小朋友們做現場的表演。 Why? Because when we came to make a live demonstration for the kids in Shijiazhuang and Qinhuangdao in October of 2002,
在這個活動中,發生了一件非常有趣的事兒。 there was an interesting thing happened there. I’ll tell you what happened.
下面我就跟大家講一講。 At that time, we were showing the live demostration in Shijiazhuang district.
當時,我們在石家莊表演的時候我說:「小朋友們誰愿意跟我藍貓學一句配音啊?」 I said, “Who wants to learn dubbing from me, the Blue Cat?”
只聽見下面有一個「我來----------------!!!!」 Suddenly I heard a voice: “Let me do it!”
這時候,我一看,小朋友們人群當中鉆出了一個光頭。 There it was, a little shaven head coming out from the crowd of kids.
哇----------------!! Wahh!
他全身穿的都是我們藍貓品牌的衣服,特別顯眼。 His body was wearing our Blue Cat brand clothing, it was really conspicuous!!
我一把就把他抱了起來,我說:「你叫什么名字啊?」 I held him up then, and asked, “What’s your name?”
他說:「我叫吳----克----。」 He said, “My name is Wu Ke Jr.!”
你今年多大啦? Then I asked, “How old are you?”
他說他五歲。 He answered, “I’m 5 years old!”
這個小朋友非----常----喜歡我,抱著我啊,非要學我配音。 This kid liked me very much! He held me tightly and is asking to learn dubbing from me.
我說好好好好好,別焦急啊,呃,我當時就說了一句:「我是超威藍貓----------------!!!!」 I said, OKAY. Good, good! Don’t worry, uh…” Then i said, “I’m the super and mighty BLUE CAT!”
他也跟著我學了一句,學得非常像。 He mimicked me and did it very well!
回到長沙以后啊,我們馬上就收到了小吳克和他爸爸給我們寄來的熱情洋溢的信。 We later received Wu Ke Jr. and his father’s passionate letter.
他在信中說,「藍貓淘氣三千問」為全國的小朋友們做了一件大好事,因為在這個「藍貓淘氣三千問」當中,不僅我們得到了娛樂,同時也得到了知----識----。 He said that the 3000 Whys of Blue Cat is a great contribution to all the chinese kids out there.
可以說,從小吳克的這個身上我們可以看到,全國的小朋友其實都是非常的喜歡我們這個「藍貓淘氣三千問」的。 In this show we call 3000 Whys of Blue Cat, both of us [the producer and the viewer] are entertained and both of us learn. We think that all the Chinese kids out there, like Wu ke Jr., enjoyed 3000 Whys of Blue Cat..
這個叫做「看藍貓,學藍貓,我有知識我自豪!!!!」 That is why we can say, “Watching Blue Cat, Learning from Blue Cat, I can say I am proud to have been with Blue Cat!”
好了,親愛的小朋友們,呃,我們一定不會辜負你和你們父母親的期望的,我們會把我們的「藍貓淘氣三千問」做得越來越精彩,越來越好看! It’s okay, my little friends. We wouldn’t fail you and your parents’ expectations. Our program is only becoming more spectacular and more interesting!

Ge Ping’s exaggerated intonations and facial expressions, as well as nostalgia factors are what make this specific video open to parody. His description of the bald child and the phrase, “Watching Blue Cat, Learning from Blue Cat, I can say I am proud to have been with Blue Cat,” have become reoccuring jokes within Chinese video-sharing site communities.

Background: 3000 Whys of Blue Cat

3000 Whys of Blue Cat[5] (蓝猫淘气3000问) is the sub-animation-series of “Sunchime Cartoon Flier” (三辰卡通快车) that eventually became more popular than “Sunchime Cartoon Flier” itself. The show’s plot involves the main character, Lan Mao (蓝猫), literally “Blue Cat,” traveling to other countries and time eras through his imagination, all while teaching kids practical lessons in history and science. It is one of the most recognizable and enduring children shows in China, running since 1999.


However, the video uploaded to Youku did not initially elicit a big response. A second video, uploaded by the same user in 2009, was also posted to Youku.[6] This video has also received some attention, but has not seen the same amount of remixing or popularity as the original.

The Ge Ping phenomenon took off in the form of MADs, particularly because Ge Ping aroused interest in the AcFun[7] community, essentially a Nico Nico Douga imitator. Unfortunately, the nature of searches on AcFun makes it difficult to pinpoint the first MAD of Ge Ping. However, remix videos of him start appearing on AcFun as early as April 2009, quite possibly even earlier, such as this Marisa Stole the Precious Thing remix:

From AcFun, Ge Ping then spread to other popular Chinese video-sharing sites, such as Youku, 56[8], and Tudou.[9]

Ge Gun

The “Ge Gun” (Chinese: 葛炮; Pinyin: “gé pào”) phenomenon is a little bit difficult to explain. According to AcFun Wiki[10], “Ge Gun” stemmed from a video in which the creator parodied a popular tongue-twister about artillery and gunfire:

Chinese / Pinyin:

“八百标兵奔北坡, 北坡炮兵并排跑。 炮兵怕把标兵碰, 标兵怕碰炮兵炮。”
“Bā băi biāo bīng bēn bĕi pō bĕi pō pào bīng bìng pái păo. Pào bīng pà bă biāo bīng pèng biāo bīng pà pèng pào bīng pào.

Thus, Ge Ping became associated with guns, and the phrase, “Ge Gun” became used in the titles of videos.[11][12]

Notable Examples

Left: “Only My Railgun” feat. Ran Ran Ru | Right: Red Zone

Left: Vocaloid song “Dead End” | Right: U.N Owen Was Her?

Left: Hidamari Sketch OP | Right: “Long Kiss Goodbye” by HalCali

Search Interest

[“Ge Ping” in blue; “Ge Gun” in red]

Google Insights shows that searches for “Ge Ping” start rising in early 2009, while searches for “Ge Gun” begin rising in late 2009.

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