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Good Happy

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The first documented thread derailed by the “Good Happy” meme was on 3/14/13. A sculpting artist posted a thread to share the crafts s/he had made, when an Anonymous user posted a digitally illustrated template of a person wearing a pulled up hoodie and a laughing mask, with the phrase “come at me, bro” captioned above. As the thread progressed, so did the quantity of images with different captions above the illustration. This behavior was most likely not expected.

One image in particular was captioned “get down, bitch… It’s good happy” and became the most popular phrase associated with the illustration. Sightings of related images have been found in various threads and only seem to be spreading. Any original reasoning behind this meme is currently unknown, but it has been used to derail and sage threads until they 404. It is assumed that the term “good happy” refers to enjoying one’s self and having fun, whereas the “get down, bitch” has mutated into saging a thread down until it is on the last page of the board. After the illustration spanned across the board, moderators have began deleting comments. It is said to be currently a banning offense.

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Mr. Sparkle
Mr. Sparkle

A meme isn’t born in a day… there needs evidence that it has spread throughout the internet etc. You can’t just go around and create/declare something posted on the internet a meme in a matter of seconds.


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