Krystal Can't Enjoy Her Sandwich

Krystal Can't Enjoy Her Sandwich

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Krystal Can’t Enjoy Her Sandwich is an avatar meme that became popular on the furry fandom website FurAffinity (FA). The original avatar was uploaded by a FA user named “Cbee” and it depicted Krystal from the Star Fox series eating a sandwich with a hint of disappointment.


Krystal (クリスタル / Kurisutaru) is a fictional character originally introduced in the 2002 Nintendo videogame “Star Fox Adventures”[1] and later included as a member of the mercenary group “Star Fox.”

On June 9th, 2007, FurAffinity[2] user “Cbee” poted a picture of Krystal from the Star Fox series eating a sandwich. On July 22nd, Cbee posted a landscape illustration with the same image of Krystal edited into the corner.

In reference to the picture, the artist posted the following statement:

“I originally drew this while being on a Bob Ross high on the Kemonoart oekaki board. Krystal was added as an afterthought and to meet an unwritten ‘must contain furry’ rule.”

Another user posted several instances of parodical image macros featuring Krystal unable to enjoy her meal due to the general disarray she was photoshopped atop of.


While the initial wave of “Krystal Can’t Enjoy Her Sandwich” avatars was seen as a spam attack by FurAffinity’s site administrators, the image caught on with the rest of the community and many other FA users hopped on the bandwagon with “Krystal Can’t Enjoy Her Sandwich” inspired images. WikiFur[3] also joined in on the joke, replacing their website’s banner with the picture of Krystal.

The meme soon spread across other sites and drew participation from other illustrators and artists, most of them uploaded onto deviantART[4], Flickr and even a few on YTMND[5]. There is also a single topic blog titled Krystal Archive[6] dedicated to documenting notable examples of “Krystal cannot enjoy her sandwich” phenomenon. Some fans of Krystal even posted re-enactment videos of the pose onto YouTube.[7]


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