Mayim Mayim

Mayim Mayim

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Mayim Mayim (Hebrew : מים מים, Japanese : マイムマイム, lit. Water, water) is an Israeli folk dance. Since 2009, this song has been heavily reused as a music resource for MADs on Nico Nico Douga (NND), a video sharing service in Japan.


The song

The song was made by Emanuel Pougatchov Amiran (עמנואל עמירן) and its original title is “U’sh’avtem Mayim” (שאבתם מ׳ם, Hebrew for “You get water”.). The dance was choreographed by Else Dublon in 1937.

The dance was held at a festival to celebrate the discovery of water in the desert after a seven-year search. Mayim Mayim became lost in translation, spawning many different versions with alternate lyrics.

ושאבתם מים בששון מימניי הישועה
ושאבתם מים בששון מימניי הישועה

מים מים מים מים, הו מים בששון
מים מים מים מים, הו מים בששון

היי היי היי היי
מים מים מים מים מים מים בששון
מים מים מים מים מים מים בששון
Ushavtem mayim b’sason mimainei hayeshua
Ushavtem mayim b’sason mimainei hayeshua

mayim mayim mayim mayim, hey, mayim b’sason
mayim mayim mayim mayim, hey, mayim b’sason

Hey, hey, hey, hey
mayim mayim mayim mayim, hey, mayim b’sason
mayim mayim mayim mayim, hey, mayim b’sason

Mayim Mayim in Japanese pop culture

Since 1950s, as General Headquarters of the Allied Forces introduced folk dance to the educational program for Japanese children, almost all Japanese have danced Mayim Mayim in gym class or athletic events in their school days. Therefore, they are very familiar to this song and it is frequently cited to Japanese pop culture as all well-known music.

For example, the remix of Mayim Mayim mainly reused in this fad is “Lovely Otohime” which comes from “Sexy Parodius”, a scrolling shooter game produced by KONAMI in 1996, which is based specifically on the song’s version from the Family Computer and MSX versions of the arcade game “Yie Ar Kung-Fu” both produced in 1985 also by KONAMI.

Like this, Mayim Mayim is remixed, covered and arranged in many ways in Japan.


Mayim Mayim started to be reused in MADs on NND gradually around late 2008. But in early times, it hadn’t gotten the attention of NND users and the amount of videos weren’t increased so much. In addition, several Mayim Mayim remixes were reused in MADs and none of them was chosen as the standard yet.

The video pulling the trigger of this fad was posted to NND on September 29th, 2009, titled “Mayoi, Mayoi”[1].

As it was soon included in the daily ranking of NND, its song also got the attention. Then, “Lovely Otohime” remix was set as the standard music of Mayim Mayim MADs because many NND users started making the huge amount of MADs following this movie’s style.

Nico Nico pedia[2] also says the reason why this song has become to one of the standard music resources among MADs is its very short-length. By using this song, editors are able to quickly make MADs with only a few movie resources. Therefore, the song is mainly used as a practice music for beginners.

As of 2011, The number of Mayim Mayim MADs on NND are over 1800[3].

Notable Examples

For more MAD videos, check out the videos section in this entry.


マイムマイム メドレー[4]

おらマイムマイムで東京さ行くベサッソン[5] (See also: IKZO)

マツオカマイム 【マイムマイム×松岡修造】[6] (See also: Shuzo Matsuoka)

Westerners’ draw

Mayim Mayim was also tried to imported to YTPMVs as well as other popular musics on MADs. However, it seems that this song hasn’t gotten any popularity among westerners. The amount of “Mayim Mayim” videos in YTPMVs are quite a few.

【マイムマイム・Soldier】Maggot Mayim (See also: Team Fortress 2)

Daftim Punkim 【マイムマイム・Harder Better Faster Stronger】

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